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Our Limited-Time Personal Care Line Extended for Early 2021

Feb 4, 2021 Our Limited-Time Personal Care Line Extended for Early 2021

There’s still time to enjoy Kannaway’s Personal Care Line! This limited-time line of four CBD-infused bath products, originally released as a holiday season special, has been extended for early 2021 and is now available until supplies last.

Kannaway’s limited-time Personal Care Line is made up of bath products expertly formulated with hemp-derived CBD and botanical extracts like jojoba, goji berry, peppermint, and licorice root.

Designed for a complete CBD bath experience, the line features Kannaway Rebalancing Shampoo, Kannaway Purifying Conditioner, Kannaway Rejuvenating Body Wash, and Kannaway Replenishing Body Lotion.

Order your CBD shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion while you can! There are only limited quantities of Kannaway’s limited-time Personal Care Line available.

Kannaway Rebalancing Shampoo

Combining pure CBD sourced from hemp with a curated selection of natural extracts like argan oil and goji berry, this hemp shampoo will leave your hair and scalp feeling restored and nourished. Kannaway Rebalancing Shampoo delivers a soothing cleansing experience for all hair types, while naturally stimulating and boosting the growth of hair follicles.

Kannaway Purifying Conditioner

This hemp conditioner is perfect for moisturizing and detangling all hair types because of its rich anti-inflammatory ingredients. In addition to CBD, this nutrient-rich conditioner also features green tea, which is well-known for protecting against free radicals. Argan oil helps to repair and protect hair from the daily damage of heat styling, chemical processing, and color treatments, leaving the hair and scalp restored and soft.

Kannaway Rejuvenating Body Wash

Clean and clear skin starts with this CBD-infused foaming bath wash. It contains omega 3, 6, and 9 acids that can replenish and nourish damaged or dry skin as well as licorice root to fight germs with its natural botanical properties. Green tea protects and regenerates your skin’s protective outer layer, while peppermint offers a soothing aroma.

Kannaway Replenishing Body Lotion

A botanical blend of CBD and green tea in this replenishing hemp lotion not only serves to protect and hydrate the skin, but also has the power to relax and soothe tired muscles after a long, strenuous day. Argan oil, rich in essential fatty acids, has moisturizing, anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Jojoba and almond oils nourish and restore.

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Note: Kannaway’s Personal Care Line is available in the US only.

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