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New Video Series Event: Cannabis Fitness Revealed

Oct 1, 2020 New Video Series Event: Cannabis Fitness Revealed

Last week, we announced our upcoming Special Launch Event on October 17th and let you know that we’ll be releasing new revolutionary products designed to support Evolve, our 8-week health and wellness program designed to help people live longer and healthier lives. Evolve is not just a product bundle, but a complete program grounded in evolutionary science with a heightened focus on food, movement, sleep, and CBD. It’s designed to help people achieve their fitness goals, even if they have failed in the past.

In the months we have spent researching and preparing our all new Evolve product bundle and fitness program, we uncovered so much beneficial information that we couldn’t help but share it with our Kannaway community. This includes principles from some of the foremost experts in CBD, cannabis, human nutrition, fitness, and evolutionary science.

Today, we are happy to announce our Evolve: Cannabis Fitness Revealed Pre-Launch Event!

This new three-part video series event from Kannaway will launch on October 9th at 10 am PDT, and will feature health and wellness expert Dan Miller and special guests who have completed the Evolve program sharing their experiences.

The Cannabis Fitness Revealed video series will walk you through what’s possible with Kannaway Evolve, and detail how its concepts are different from other fitness programs. You’ll also learn about important tactics that can make a difference in your successful fitness journey. 

As a leader in the wellness industry, we have the benefit of working closely with skilled, forward-thinking leaders in the health space. Not to mention, we’ve had countless opportunities to see the benefits of cannabis and the role it can play in a health and wellness journey firsthand.

Mark your calendars now! Beginning Friday, October 9th, we’re bringing the entire Kannaway community together for an interactive premiere experience. Join us live for each video premiere to connect directly with Kannaway executives, leaders, and more.


We are excited to share our expertise and hopefully spark interesting conversations about Evolve and how to best leverage evolutionary science to reach your individual health and fitness goals.

You'll be able to watch each part of the complementary video series event on the Kannaway website! For now, read about 5 useful things to learn from Cannabis Fitness Revealed that can change your life, and be sure to mark your calendar!

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