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Meet Yagannath Acosta Hernandez - He is 12 years old

Nov 1, 2021 Meet Yagannath Acosta Hernandez - He is 12 years old

We’d like to introduce you to Yagannath Acosta Hernandez, he is a 12-year old boy from Hidalgo, Mexico and lives each day with a debilitating condition. On our journey to drive positive global change, we are support Por Grace through our fund-raising efforts, to help making a difference for Yagannath, by providing him with a vital piece of equipment to help in their daily life.

We invite you to join us in helping to raise $3,000 to get Yagannath a specialized wheelchair. To make a donation click here.

We’d love to hear about any activities you may be taking part in or organizing to help raise funds for Yagannath’s new wheelchair, so that we can give you all the support we can!

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