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Maximizing the Kannaway Mobile App

Mar 30, 2022 Maximizing the Kannaway Mobile App

Did you know that when you share content directly from the Kannaway Mobile App you get real-time notifications when your prospects engage with it?


Whether through a text message, WhatsApp or social media, your links are tracked and attributed to your mobile app. It’s a great way to raise awareness of your business and nuture your contacts.


For example, when prospecting for new team members, you could start by sharing the video “Kannaway: The World’s Premier Cannabis Company”. You’ll receive a notification on your phone when your prospect watches the video. Then if they show interest, you could follow up with the “Value Packs One Sheet” then invite them to an opportunity presentation.


These real-time insights will help you prioritize your contacts and mark them ‘hot’ when they’re engaging quickly.  Be sure to keep checking your mobile app for all the latest content.


Watch the Mobile App tutorial video on ‘Sharing material with your contacts’ then give it a try!


Check out the other tutorial videos in your Kannaway Mobile App Tools section that are also available in our back office Video Gallery.

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