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Make Giving a Priority With New ECHO Commissions Donations

Nov 24, 2020 Make Giving a Priority With New ECHO Commissions Donations

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to one of the most important projects that we’ve released in recent history-- ECHO Commissions Donations.

ECHO Commissions Donations gives you, our committed and generous community of Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BAs), the option to directly support our non-profit organization partner, ECHO, by giving a portion of your commissions.

ECHO makes a powerful impact in the lives of families across the globe by giving them a safe, convenient, and informative way to explore cannabidiol (CBD) and its wellness properties. In addition to spreading awareness and connecting families in need with a network of CBD-friendly physicians, ECHO also offers health-supporting CBD product donations and financial assistance.

Kannaway has donated over $2 million in life-changing CBD products since 2017, largely through the generosity of our BAs. Our company was founded with a goal of helping those in need through the health and wellness benefits of CBD. ECHO Commissions Donations allow you to also build philanthropy in the way that you do business and make a positive impact on the health of others.

Just in time for #GivingTuesday, we ask you to join us in supporting ECHO as they make profound differences in special needs families around the world by setting up your sustaining commissions gift today.

How ECHO Commissions Donations Work

With ECHO Commissions Donations, you make giving a priority and an expression of the way that you do business in Kannaway.

Once you set up your ECHO Commissions Donation, you will make a regular gift from your commissions to ECHO prior to you being paid out.

You can set your ECHO Commissions Donation to occur on a weekly or monthly basis, and by a percentage of your commissions you’d like to donate or a set amount.

Not only does this new ECHO Commissions Donation allow you to “set it and forget it” and make ongoing regular giving to ECHO a part of your Kannaway business. With a percentage-based commission gift, it also means that as your business grows, your giving and the philanthropic reach grows automatically.

As a thank you, BAs who sign up to make ECHO Commissions Donations will receive a unique gold ECHO Commissions Donations badge in their back office!

How to Set Up ECHO Commissions Donations

Setting up your ECHO Commissions Donation takes only a couple of minutes!

  1. Log in to
  2. From the main menu bar, navigate to Account > ECHO Donation.
  3. You’ll arrive at the ECHO Commissions Donations configuration page, which allows you to select from weekly and monthly periods, as well as choose between giving by a percentage of your commission or a set amount.

If you decide to give a percentage of your weekly or monthly commissions, you have the option to select a maximum limit donation. For example, you can decide to donate 6% up to $100.

Your commissions donation will only be generated if the amount is less than what you are earning in commissions. For example, if you have no commissions from a particular period, no donations will be taken out. If your commission amount does not equal more than what your donation amount will be, then nothing will be taken out.

Giving to ECHO

ECHO supports the health and wellbeing of more than 150 families. Throughout the second half of this year, we’ve tried to put a face to those families with our ECHO Family Spotlight series.

Learn the stories of actual ECHO families who are impacted by the great work done by ECHO, including seven-year-old Sadie and the Higuera family, six-year-old Lily Ann Baker and her mother Cassandra, and seven-year-old Marco and the Rivera family.

You can also support ECHO by adding a Click to Care donation to your Kannaway cart as you make your next Kannaway purchase. Through your Kannaway back office, you can also make a powerful impact in families lives by adding a recurring Click to Care contribution to ECHO through your SmartShip.

Stay up-to-date with Kannaway and our efforts to change the world through hemp and CBD by visiting our News Feed.

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