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Looking Back at the First Evolve Challenge

Jul 14, 2020 Looking Back at the First Evolve Challenge

This week we finished our first Evolve 8-Week Challenge, and have been nothing short of inspired by the incredible accomplishments made by those who joined us on the Evolve journey. 

Evolve is our unique fitness program designed to support journeys toward a more fulfilling life by focusing on movement, sleep, nutrition, and hemp CBD oil. When we set out to craft our comprehensive fitness program Evolve, our number one goal was to help people of all fitness levels live longer and lead healthier lives. 

In the Spring edition of Evolve, which took place between May 11 and July 13, hundreds of people participated in the program with the support of our own Health and Wellness Expert and Kannaway Spokesperson Dan Miller. 

In addition to regularly checking in to the Evolve Facebook Group Page to answer questions, Dan provided education and inspiration each week through Facebook LIVE videos, covering everything from the powerful impact of sleep and why it's important to prioritize protein to how CBD nourishes the body’s endocannabinoid system. 

What came about was countless success stories and amazing transformations that have inspired all of us at Kannaway. 

Join us as we take a look back at our first 8-Week Evolve Challenge, including some of the lessons from Dan, a selection of success stories, and testimonials from those who went through it.

Dan's Health and Fitness Lessons 

The Evolve Program is grounded in three simple concepts that will get you moving toward a healthier and happier life: food, sleep, and movement. 

There’s no strict diet to follow with the Evolve Program. Dan encouraged the Evolve community to commit to eating only single-ingredient foods. This includes nutritious vegetables, fruits, and animals, such as eggs, apples, carrots, and fish. Dan would often say, “If you can find it outside, that is a single-ingredient food.”  

Dan taught us that humans are not good at counting or monitoring calories. When you eat single-ingredients foods, no calorie counting is needed. The calories you get from single ingredient plants and animals will allow your body to self-regulate your caloric balance for you.

Many in the Evolve group supported their commitment to healthy eating with Kannaway Power Protein, a nutritious plant protein that delivers all nine essential amino acids and important fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6, which comes with the Evolve 8-Week Bundle. Dan suggested to use the delicious protein mix any time that single-ingredient foods weren't available, and the community shared their own unique Power Protein smoothie recipes. 

Dan also stressed the importance of prioritizing getting at least eight hours of sleep at night. In an insightful video, Dan pointed out that the ability to sleep well depends on having a well-functioning endocannabinoid system. When functioning well, this system is able to regulate your circadian rhythm and sleep habits, so Dan offered some helpful tips on ways to nourish the endocannabinoid system, such as using hemp CBD oil. 

While Dan explained that strenuous exercise isn’t necessary for reducing body fat and happier living, he pushed the Evolve community to never take a day off of movement. “Movement is life,” Dan would routinely remind us, and he asked those participating in the Evolve challenge to get in a minimum of 10,000 steps each day. The highly supportive Evolve community cheered each other on, regardless of whether someone in the group achieved a new workout best or missed a day and needed encouragement. 

The Evolve Facebook Group Page was crucial to the success of this first 8-Week Evolve Challenge. Dan regularly stressed the importance of creating a tribe to surround yourself with folks who are going the same place you want to go, both in the 8-Week Challenge and in life.

Scale and Non-Scale Accomplishments 

Right out of the gate, we saw how well the Evolve program works! Every single person that executed the action in this program saw some amazing results.  

Here are a handful of some scale and non-scale accomplishments by those who participated in the first 8-Week Challenge: 

  • Andrew Moran lost an incredible 102 pounds over the eight weeks. In awe himself, he documented his journey through his Instagram account, being open and honest about the mental struggles he faced and how he overcame periods of uncertainty.
  • Amber Peters lost 13 pounds over the 8-Week Challenge but was just as happy about her newfound energy levels and ability to lift heavier weights.
  • After eight weeks, Lene West dropped 1.4 kg in weight and lost a total of 15.5 cm.
  • Mony Munoz made adjustments to account for some health issues, remained committed, and came out of the challenge having lost 17.2 pounds and 20 inches.
  • Rick Lim-tiaco used healthy foods and a daily Kannaway Power Protein and SuperGreens shake to support a weight loss of 31 pounds. His waist dropped from 34 inches to 30 inches, requiring him to wear a belt every day, and he now wears a small/medium shirt instead of a size large.
  • Mary Sides noticed her skin clearing up after struggling with breakouts for years.
  • Dan Parham, an avid runner, was able to achieve his quickest-ever mile pace of 4:37 and partly attributes his achievement to the Evolve program. 

Inspired by all of the incredible transformations that took place over the last eight weeks, on Monday we hosted a ZOOM party to celebrate. Dan and special guests shared success stories and reminisced over the journey the entire Evolve community made together.

What People Who Have Been Through It Have to Say 

Take a look at some of the testimonials from those who joined us in the Spring edition of Evolve: 

Are you interested in joining us for our next Evolve 8-Week Challenge, starting August 3? First, join the Evolve Facebook Page, then get prepared by picking up your Evolve 8 Week Bundle, which is also now available as a Value Pack for new Kannaway Brand Ambassadors. 

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