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Kannaway Unveils Improvements to Enrollment Checkout

Jan 21, 2021 Kannaway Unveils Improvements to Enrollment Checkout

At Kannaway, we’re regularly working behind the scenes to evaluate and enhance the interface of our system to make it easier to use for new and current Brand Ambassadors to be successful. Today, we’re thrilled to share with you upgrades we’ve made to our enrollment checkout process.

The improvements we’re announcing today are a part of our ongoing commitment to improving enrollment checkout flow. We know that new Brand Ambassadors becoming a part of Kannaway for the first time are interested in a simple, fast, and visually appealing process for enrolling.

Take a look at some of the following updates that we believe will make enrollment a simpler and more straightforward process.

Cleaner, Distraction-Free Page Design

Our enrollment checkout page now features an uncluttered, simple, and easy to parse design. This cleaner layout removes distractions and allows those signing up for Kannaway for the first time to easily identify and focus on the most important enrollment actions, so they can make quick decisions and get through enrollment more quickly.

More User-Friendly Password Entry

To help alleviate password registration and log-in problems, we’ve incorporated some user interface tools to give you real-time feedback as to whether your inputted password meets complexity requirements. The system now displays a nice visual interface indicating which rules your password has or has not fulfilled.

You can also now toggle to view your password field in plain text or leave it obscured by default view as you create your selected Kannaway password for the first time.

New Inclusive Profile Fields

We've added additional options for identity on our enrollment form, allowing new Brand Ambassadors to now select from Male, Female, Other, and Prefer Not To Say. Everyone is welcome and valued in the Kannaway community!

Faster, Easier Way to Immediately Enroll in SmartShip

Making CBD and other cannabinoids a consistent part of your daily routine is one of the best decisions you can make for your health! That’s why among our new upgrades to our enrollment checkout flow is a faster, easier way to sign-up for SmartShip.

Those who sign up for SmartShip receive an automatic monthly shipment every 30 days, consistently delivering the product they and their business requires.

With our upgraded enrollment checkout flow, new Brand Ambassadors will be asked whether they would like to be on SmartShip toward the end of enrollment checkout. If an enroller selects ‘Yes’, they will be taken to a new page to quickly add favorite products and bundles on SmartShip, which will then be automatically added to their cart.

Fewer Steps to Complete Enrollment

At the heart of our recent upgrades is our hope to make enrollment as quick and easy as possible. So, we’ve reduced the number of essential information fields that new Brand Ambassadors must complete during enrollment.

With this more concise enrollment form, many profile and account items that may require some additional thought and strategizing, such as personalized affiliate link, national identification number, recognition and payment preferences, and some contact information fields, can be completed at a later date.

The first time a new Brand Ambassador logs-in after enrolling and creating an account, they will be prompted to fill out this information with a button located at the top of their back office that reads: ‘Complete your account information’.

These upgrades to our enrollment flow are a part of our ongoing effort to help Brand Ambassadors along their enrollment journey. We know there are still opportunities to improve and we’ll be addressing those soon!

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