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Kannaway Sports Monthly Recap: October 2020

Nov 2, 2020 Kannaway Sports Monthly Recap: October 2020

Everyone can benefit from the natural balancing benefits of CBD hemp oil, which is why it’s not surprising that its use is growing among athletes of all levels. CBD oil can be an incredibly valuable wellness product for managing the issues related to the daily grind involved with being an athlete. Spreading the word of these CBD benefits to athletes and physically-driven folks is why we started our Kannaway Sports initiative.

Kannaway Sports involves top professional and world-class athletes sharing their personal stories and experiences with Kannaway CBD. In October, two of these great athletes shared their testimonials of Kannaway’s line of hemp CBD oil products.

Also this month, we were inspired and entertained by two new episodes of our digital series, Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery. In this digital series, Director of Kannaway Sports Nick Lowery interviews athletes, business leaders and coaches, and successful innovators on encountering and overcoming adversity.

Join us as we take a look back at the two Kannaway Sports testimonials and two Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery episodes from the past month.

Kannaway Sports Testimonials

We hope that hearing from our Kannaway Sports team members offers unique insight into how regular servings of CBD hemp oil can not only naturally enhance an athlete’s training and recovery, but also promote better overall wellness.

For our dedicated community of Kannaway Brand Ambassadors, our Kannaway Sports testimonials can also be used as a highly effective marketing tool as you create your own successful hemp business.

Take a look at the two Kannaway Sports testimonials from October:

Mark Mosely

Former NFL Placekicker Mark Moseley, the only special teams player to even win the NFL MVP award, shared his favorite Kannaway CBD product, our topical Salve. He also uses Kannaway hemp oil and capsules every day to enhance his overall health and wellness.

Listen to Mike share his story below, and read his full Kannaway Sports testimonial here.

Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery

In October, hundreds of viewers turned in to watch our two new episodes of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery. We were thrilled to hear from a well-recognized medium and one of the best NFL running backs to ever play the game.

Episode 13: Allison DuBois

Episode 13 is with world-renowned medium and New York Times best-selling author Allison DuBois, who shares with Nick Lowery and our community her insight on loyalty, passion, transitions, and living life with intention.

Watch this episode below:

Episode 14: Eric Dickerson

Episode 14 features 6x NFL Pro Bowl Running Back and one of the Top 100 Greatest Players in the NFL, Eric Dickerson. You’ll want to make sure you catch this intimate conversation on work ethic and achieving greatness in both sport and business between two NFL legends.

Watch this episode below:

Interested in more? Take a look at all of our Kannaway Sports champion athletes or visit our News Feed to keep up with upcoming events, new products and announcements, and much more.

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