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Kannaway Sports Monthly Recap: January 2021

Feb 1, 2021 Kannaway Sports Monthly Recap: January 2021

The natural balancing benefits of hemp CBD oil can improve the lives of everyone. For athletes and people who are active, CBD's wellness properties can be beneficial for managing the issues related to the physical challenges that come with pushing your body to the limit. Helping spread the word of these CBD benefits to athletes and physically-driven folks is why we started our Kannaway Sports initiative.

Through Kannaway Sports, you get to hear directly from top professional and world-class athletes who use our products. In January, three of these great athletes shared their testimonials of Kannaway’s line of hemp CBD oil products.

Also last month, we were inspired and entertained by two new episodes of our digital series, Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery. In this digital series, Director of Kannaway Sports Nick Lowery interviews athletes, business leaders and coaches, and successful innovators on encountering and overcoming adversity.

Join us as we revisit the three Kannaway Sports testimonials and two Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery episodes from January.

Kannaway Sports Testimonials

By hearing from the top athletes who make up our Kannaway Sports team, you can gain some insight into how regular servings of CBD can naturally enhance an athlete’s training and recovery, but also promote better overall wellness.

These Kannaway Sports testimonials are meant to be enjoyed and shared! Our Brand Ambassadors can use them as a highly effective marketing tool.

Take a look at the three Kannaway Sports testimonials from January:

Ed Simmons

2x Super Bowl Champion Ed Simmons, known to teammates as "Big Ed," played 11 seasons for the Washington Football Team. Ed dealt with serious knee issues toward the end of his NFL career. After retirement, he continued to feel the impacts of playing more than a decade in the high-impact NFL, and was in need of a natural way to feel better. It was then that he was introduced to Kannaway hemp CBD oil.

Watch as Ed shares his story below, and read his full Kannaway Sports experience here.

Paul Lankford

Following his retirement from football in 1991, 10-Year NFL veteran cornerback Paul Lankford still maintains an active lifestyle with the help of Kannaway hemp CBD oil products!

Watch as Paul shares his story below.

Peter Cronan

Former NFL linebacker and Super Bowl Champion Peter Cronan started using Kannaway products years ago and has noticed "a remarkable improvement" in how he feels.

Watch as Peter shares his story below.

Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery

In January, the Kannaway community came together to watch two new episodes of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery. We were thrilled to hear from an incredible vocalist and one of the best NFL linebacking crews ever.

Episode 19: Andy Vargas

In Episode 19, Nick Lowery invites Andy Vargas, lead vocalist for legendary rock band Santana, for conversation on overcoming adversity, performing at a high level, and connecting passion with purpose.

Watch this episode below:

Enjoy a more in-depth experience of Episode 19 with Andy Vargas by viewing the episode's recap.

Episode 20: Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, and Jim Lynch

In episode 20, Nick Lowery sits down for a conversation on overcoming adversity, breaking barriers, and performing at a high level with the greatest linebacking crew in the history of the NFL.

Watch this episode below:

Enjoy a more in-depth experience of Episode 20 with Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, and Jim Lynch by viewing the episode's recap.

Interested in more? Take a look at all of our Kannaway Sports champion athletes or visit our News Feed to keep up with upcoming events, new products and announcements, and much more.

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