Kannaway Introduces New Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit

Oct 26, 2019 Kannaway Introduces New Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit

As revealed at the recent Kannaway Academy in Anaheim, Kannaway is thrilled to announce the introduction of a new service designed to help make your cannabis experience more personal than ever before. 

Whether it’s information from your past, or clues into your future, your DNA holds even more data than you could have ever imagined. And even though 99.9% of your DNA is identical to everyone else's, it is that .1% that makes you, and your potential experience with cannabis, personal and unique.

To unlock the knowledge that comes from the secret code inside each of us, we knew we needed to find a partner who had the same passion for cannabis and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) as Kannaway does. Endocanna Health is a bioscience research company that specializes in personalized medicinal cannabis using DNA sequencing and is the creator of the Endocanna Health DNA Test Kit.

This patent-pending DNA test identifies key genetic markers found in your DNA and analyzes how those genes might work with cannabis and your ECS. This kit includes everything you need to take a sample and offers free shipping back to the lab once you register. 

Customers wanting to complete the test and find out which formulations of hemp oil can benefit their quality of life best have two options for purchasing:

1) Buy the Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit now and pay the lab fee later

Buying the Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit as a gift, or received it as part of a pack? No problem! This choice gives you the chance to purchase the test kit by itself for only $59, which includes an industry gold-standard DNA collection device, and then you can pay the lab processing fee separately when you register your sample online.

*Please note that the $59 price covers the cost of the test kit only and does not include the cost of the lab work and results. Once you decide to register your kit and take the test, you will be charged a $99 lab fee by the third-party laboratory . In order to streamline the testing process, we recommend that you prepay for both the kit and the lab results.*

2) Pre-Pay for both the Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit and the lab fee to save money

Buying the Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit and the lab processing fee together is definitely the ideal way to go for most people. Not only do you have the comfort of paying for everything in one go, but you'll also get the combination at the discounted price of only $139. Then, when you register your sample, you won't be charged any additional fees and simply send back your completed swab in the provided return shipping box.

Don't forget that from the time you submit your completed Endocannabinoid DNA Test Kit, the results should come back in approx 4-5 weeks. So, be sure to look out for the confirmation email that lets you know you can access your comprehensive results and report.

Find your preferred personal cannabis solution today with Kannaway!

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