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Kannaway Hosts Largest US Event Ever with Successful Believe National Convention

Apr 30, 2019 Kannaway Hosts Largest US Event Ever with Successful Believe National Convention

It has been just a couple short weeks since the Believe National Convention , and the Kannaway family is still radiating with the glow of one of our best events ever.

During the weekend of April 13th & 14th, Kannaway invited our family of Brand Ambassadors to our hometown of San Diego for the Believe National Convention. Hosting the event in San Diego allowed us to open our doors to visiting BAs so that they could see where our company’s hard work takes place and enjoy all that the city we call home has to offer.

With each event, the Kannaway family becomes stronger and together we move ever closer to our goals. Keep reading to see what made the Believe National Convention so special.

Believe National Convention Highlight Video:

Believe National Convention Slide Deck: Believe Recap for Field

Kickstarting the Weekend with the Believe Black Tie Event

As is tradition, Kannaway kicked off our event weekend with our Black Tie Event. This exclusive event is invite only and is reserved for Kannaway’s top performing Brand Ambassadors. This year, Black Tie qualifiers met at the Believe venue before being whisked off to an incredible historical outdoor venue. There, our top BAs were treated to dinner and drinks. Following dinner, live music from one of San Diego’s premier lounge singers played as BAs and Kannaway executives mingled under the starlight until it was time to return to the hotel.  


Kannaway Executives

The Believe National Conventions featured speakers from among our team of executives, who shared with the crowd Kannaway’s vision for the company in the coming year, the incredible success we’ve seen, and our most recent developments.

First, Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder revealed our company’s Soil to Sale story, tracing the development of our top quality products from cultivation and extraction through formulation, testing, and distribution. The Kannaway Soil to Sale story represents the process we have pioneered to ensure that all the products we sell are only of the highest quality.

Next, Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of our parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc. took the stage to continue on this theme, discussing CBD in a now highly competitive market in 2019, including what makes our CBD stand out against our competitors products.

Later in the day, Kannaway CMO Stephen Jones revealed Kannaway’s refined new branding direction, including our new packaging design. This new look presents an exciting new brand identity and gives our company an impactful impression on the hemp and CBD market.

Kannaway also updated its back office, as revealed by Kannaway president Brad Tayles and VP of IT Rachel Harris during the Believe event. The Kannaway IT team worked hard to put these important updates in place. These changes to Kannaway’s backend will make it easier than ever before for our Brand Ambassadors to build and manage their Kannaway business.

Finally, Alex Grapov, Kannaway’s International VP announced Kannaway’s plans to launch in Japan. As Kannaway matures into its role as an International company, we have continued to explore potential new markets that are ready for CBD.

New Products

As is tradition at Kannaway national conventions, we launched a number of exciting new and revamped products designed to keep our line of hemp and CBD products competitive by best serving the needs of our customers. At the Believe National Convention, we launched a redesigned Cannabis Beauty Defined line, new CBD cat treats, CBD gum, and single use CBD coffee and tea pods.

Launched at the Believe event as a bundle, Kannaway introduced the revamped new Cannabis Beauty Defined line of anti-aging skincare products. Taking the place of our original Cannabis Beauty Defined line, the refreshed new Cannabis Beauty Defined anti-aging skin care line includes five hemp-infused products that can be used separately or together as a complete skin care routine to clean, moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin, leaving it healthy and youthful-looking.

The new Cannabis Beauty Defined line includes the following products:

  • Burdock & Hemp Cleanser
  • Licorice & Hemp Exfoliator
  • Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer
  • White Peony & Hemp Serum
  • Green Tea & Hemp Perfecting Mask

Kannaway also unveiled the newest addition in our line of hemp and CBD pet products this weekend at the Believe event – Dante’s Chews for Cats. These star-shaped, artisanally-baked cat treats are naturally flavored with smoked salmon and roasted seafood for a delicious taste your cat will love.

Dante’s Chews for Cats can be given to your pet daily to help promote overall wellness. Each chewy treat contains 1 mg of CBD to promote cardiovascular function, support healthy joints, and promote neurological health and emotional behavior in your cats.

We also introduced our new Hemp CBD Gum. Free of sugar and gluten, our vegan and non-GMO Hemp CBD Gum was developed by scientists for efficient absorption of cannabinoids like CBD into your system. Each piece of our Hemp CBD Gum provides 10 mg of CBD from our top-quality full-spectrum hemp oil, absorbed through the mouth while you chew. This method of absorbing CBD is quick and effective, resulting in a fast onset of effects.

Finally, our CBD-infused single serving coffee and tea pods for a great new way to add CBD to your day. These pods are fast and easy to use, and if you already have a single serve brewer, you are all set to begin using our delicious new CBD coffee and tea. Our CBD coffee and tea come packaged in recyclable single-serve pods, minimizing your impact on the environment.

In our CBD French Roast coffee, premium 100% Arabica coffee beans are expertly batch-roasted by a 5th Generation Roast Master and blended with 10 mg of CBD to help you begin your day with bold flavor and the balancing effects of CBD.

Native to South Africa, rooibos herbal tea is naturally high in antioxidants and caffeine free. We blend this high quality tea with 10 mg of CBD, offering you a soothing and rejuvenating CBD beverage. The slightly sweet floral flavors of red rooibos mingle with citrus notes for a delicious, relaxing accent to your day.

You can find these and other great Kannaway CBD products now in the Kannaway store.

Top Level Brand Ambassadors

The Believe event also featured a number of Kannaway’s top performing Brand Ambassadors who took the stage to share their own experiences with Kannaway, to conduct leadership training and reveal business building tools, and to host panel discussions with their fellow BAs.  


The ability to hear from Kannaway’s top BAs first hand is a big reason why attendees make the trip to our national conventions. These high ranking BAs know through their own experience how to build a successful Kannaway business and can give priceless insight into what it takes to excel with Kannaway.

ECHO Families and CBD Advocates

ECHO Connection Board of Directors president Andrea Barnes shared with the Believe audience the incredible impact ECHO Connection has been able to make in the lives of over 100 special needs families through the incredible donations given by Kannaway’s generous family of Brand Ambassadors.

Barnes also introduced the CBD advocates and their families who will be speaking at the Believe event, including Penny Howard and fellow ECHO Connection board member and father to a special needs daughter Brian Higuera.

CBD advocates and fathers to special needs children Norberto Fischer from Brazil and Raul Elizalde from Mexico also took the stage at Believe. Both of these fathers challenged the governments in their home countries for the right to give their daughters CBD products.

Kannaway Sports and Eric Dickerson Speaks

The Believe National Convention also featured Kannaway Sports partners who have tried CBD for themselves and love the results. The Kannaway Sports initiative was launched in order to promote the use of CBD products by athletes of all levels to take advantage of the benefits of CBD as part of their training and recovery routine.

Nick Lowery also introduced Eric Dickerson, who spoke about the power of believing: believing in the products, believing in Kannaway, and most importantly, believing in yourself. A 6-time Pro Bowler and NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson knows how self confidence and belief in your goals can make a difference in your life.


You can learn more about Kannaway Sports here, including testimonials from our partner athletes highlighting the difference CBD has made in their quality of life.

ECHO Workout Fundraiser

International Director Renita Brannan hosted the ECHO Workout Fundraiser on Sunday morning of the event to help get Believe attendees up and moving. Renita led participants in an hour long workout from 7-8 am on the event venue’s Bayview Lawn.

The cost to participate in the ECHO Workout Fundraiser was a $25 donation to ECHO Connection. This fundraiser was an excellent way for attendees to do something good for themselves while supporting an important cause in ECHO Connection.

Kannaway Party

The Believe event turned into a party Saturday night after sunset, when attendees gathered on the venue’s lawn under strings of lights to mingle, dance, and celebrate the amazing Kannaway family and our shared success this year. We enjoyed live music, food and drinks, and great company under the stars with San Diego as the backdrop.

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