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Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery Episode #18: Didi Wong

Dec 18, 2020 Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery Episode #18: Didi Wong

In episode #18 of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery, which premiered on Wednesday, December 16th, our Director of Kannaway Sports and NFL Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery sits down for a conversation on entrepreneurship with Didi Wong, international award-winning speaker, Hollywood film and TV producer, speaking coach, and angel investor.

Ms. Wong was honored as Leading Entrepreneur 2018 in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today and was a speaker at the United Nations for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Episode Summary

In these final weeks of 2020, Nick Lowery uses his conversation with Didi Wong in this new incredibly valuable episode of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery to encourage our Brand Ambassadors and other entrepreneurs to develop a clear sense of integrating one’s own self and purpose with the goals of the coming year. Ms. Wong also offers her unique insight on how best to adapt business plans and priorities to a changing world.

Some of the other major lessons in the episode include:

  • Know who you are so you can make the right decisions. If you do, when projects, people, and opportunities come your way, you will know if those things or people are meant to be.
  • Be present when you’re in a conversation with someone or attending an in-person or online event. You want to be able to take them somewhere and use them to grow your network.
  • Relationship capital is the most important thing in business. We work with the people we like.
  • Be congruent and in alignment with what you’re developing. You should be personally passionate about your business and investments.
  • When it comes to successfully navigating the current public health crisis, It all starts with self-care. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything, let alone the ability to reach your goals.
  • Watch what you consume. What you choose to consume through your energy makes a huge difference in how you go about every single day.

You can also watch this new episode on YouTube.


We've curated a selection of some of the memorable and quotable moments from the episode:

“The end of the year, of any year, is a time for thinking through what one has learned, what one has endured, what mistakes one has made, the vision one had, what actually happened, and of course, moving with some momentum into the next year, in this case 2021.” - Nick Lowery

“As an entrepreneur, I think everyone can agree that we must have our own self worth and self confidence first.” - Didi Wong

“I literally went to bed and woke up with this vision of what I wanted to do. I gave up my acting, my dancing, all the things I was trained in to decide to become a business owner.” - Didi Wong

“I had no MBA. I had no knowledge in how to run a business. But yet, I have that self-worth and self-confidence in believing that I actually can run a business.” - Didi Wong

“When you show up and you are actually present. When you show up and when you talk to somebody, you actually look them in the eye, you actually are actively listening, and not just one ear in and one ear out, you can actually take those conversations and turn them into your own baby steps towards your goal.” - Didi Wong

“If there’s one takeaway from this interview, I would just say, make sure when you do have conversations with other people, make sure you actually take it somewhere. And when you show up to an event, when you show up to an online summit, take it somewhere.” - Didi Wong

“When you choose the right people to spend time with, and surround yourself with the people who will guide you, lead you, and help lift you up, that’s when magic will happen.” - Didi Wong

Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery is a bi-weekly digital series featuring world-class athletes and forward-thinking entrepreneurs that’s meant to provide our Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BAs) and other entrepreneurs with insight and inspiration as they move in the desired direction to reach their own entrepreneurial goals. Episodes premiere on Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 12 pm PST.

You can watch previous episodes of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery on the Kannaway Facebook page.

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