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Introducing Limited-Release Kannaway Energy Chews

Jul 30, 2020 Introducing Limited-Release Kannaway Energy Chews

Put down that high-calorie energy drink or sugary coffee and instead reach for an all-natural, CBD-infused energy chew! 

Available now from Kannaway for a limited time are Kannaway Energy Chews. Enriched with pure CBD, caffeine, and revitalizing B vitamins, these bite-sized, sour apple flavor chews offer balancing benefits and long-lasting energy to help keep you at your best throughout the day. 

Kannaway Energy Chews are a healthy way to give yourself a boost of energy whenever you need it. Each chew has just 2 grams of sugar and 20 calories, making them a wholesome alternative to sugary coffee beverages and high-calorie energy drinks. Individually wrapped and available in a 30-count jar, Kannaway Energy Chews are a great choice for a balancing energy boost anytime throughout the day. 

Kannaway Energy Chews are only available for a limited time. Order your jar of CBD energy chews today or keep reading for more details on the ingredients and benefits that make Kannaway Energy Chews so unique.

CBD, Caffeine and B Vitamins for a Balancing Boost of Energy 

Kannaway Energy Chews feature an innovative formulation that allows you to experience the balancing, restorative benefits of CBD along with the energy-boosting effects of caffeine and B vitamins. 

These fruity new sour apple chews are enriched with pure CBD to nourish the body’s endocannabinoid system and promote balance and well-being. Because they’re made with isolated CBD, Kannaway Energy Chews are an ideal choice for anyone most comfortable with avoiding even trace amounts of THC. 

Each individual bite-sized chew contains about as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee, The controlled release of 100 mg of caffeine into your system provides sustainable energy and avoids the crash that you often experience with energy drinks. The presence of B vitamins encourages a more efficient dietary energy process. 

Get Started with Kannaway Energy Chews 

Kannaway Energy Chews are available now, for a limited time! Order your 30-count jar of Kannaway Energy Chews and start replacing your energy drinks and sugary coffee beverages with a healthy, balance-promoting alternative. 

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Note: Available in the US only.

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