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Introduce your guests to one of the BIGGEST names in the industry!

Dec 10, 2021 Introduce your guests to one of the BIGGEST names in the industry!

If you missed last night’s online Discover Kannaway opportunity presentation with Kannaway’s Vice President of Sales, Lennon Ledbetter, trust us when we say that you missed out!

Lennon is one of the most seasoned and successful network marketing leaders in the world, and yesterday he welcomed guests that had been invited by Kannaway Entrepreneurs to hear about how we are driving positive global change by putting hemp into every home.

YOU can also help people you know that may need additional income, with a cause that helps individuals and the planet, and looking to join an organization that is booming right now - invite them to discover the Kannaway business opportunity, the time is NOW!

Grow your business by tapping into this online opportunity presentation and invite your guests to tune in and hear directly from industry legend Lennon Ledbetter, together with Lennon’s special guests.

Who do you know that would be excited about joining the dream and going on this global journey of positive change?



With Lennon Ledbetter, Kannaway VP of Sales

Every Thursday, 6 PM PST


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