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How Does Trickle Down Volume Work?

Nov 20, 2020 How Does Trickle Down Volume Work?

Whether you’re joining Kannaway or growing your team by introducing the company and its products to others, you’ll want to make sure you understand trickle down volume and how it applies to select bundles and packs.

In short, trickle down volume influences how and when the Business Volume (BV) from the purchase of a product is applied to your account. As you know, BV represents volume points assigned to each Kannaway product.

When purchasing a bundle or pack with trickle down volume implications, you can count on the BV earned from that product to be split into increments and spread across multiple months.

To give you more detail on how this works, let’s use the example of our Evolve Core 8 Week Bundle, which is one of the Kannaway products with trickle down volume. The Evolve Core 8 Week Bundle has a total of 220 BV. Rather than receiving the entire 220 BV all at once, you will have 110 BV counted toward your SmartShip the month the purchase was made, and another 110 BV applied toward your SmartShip the following month.

The main benefit of trickle volume is that it helps each of our hard-working Brand Ambassadors stay qualified for the compensation plan over time. By spreading applied BV across multiple months, you will be set up out of the starting gate of the new month with a head-start toward reaching your BV objectives, giving you more stability and setting you better up for long-term success.

Which Packs and Bundles Have Trickle Down Volume?

Trickle down volume is unique to select Kannaway packs and bundles.

In the United States, the following Kannaway bundles and packs have trickle volume implications:

  • Evolve Core 8 Week Bundle
  • Evolve Core 8 Week Starter Value Pack

In Mexico, the following Kannaway Bundles and packs have trickle volume implications:

  • Share Value Pack
  • Professional Value Pack 
  • Builder Value Pack
  • Premium Value Pack
  • Prepaid SmartShip Reorder

We continue to wish you and your team all-new levels of success in your Kannaway journey! Stay up-to-date with Kannaway, including news about all of our upcoming events, our products, and the opportunities presented by Kannaway on our News Feed.

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