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Discover Kannaway with Lennon Ledbetter

Dec 9, 2021 Discover Kannaway with Lennon Ledbetter

Today is a great day for Kannaway!

We are launching our new webcast series with our VP of Sales, Lennon Ledbetter, leading the way.   The webcast will be at 6:00 PM PST.  Here is the registration link for the webcast:


In the past, our webcasts have been designed around company updates, announcements, information, etc.


This webcast is completely different.  Lennon will be doing a business presentation.  This content is designed not only for existing Entrepreneurs, but also your guests.  This is a time when every single Kannaway Entrepreneur has a chance to have Lennon present the business for every single candidate that anyone has.


This is a fantastic opportunity.  I’d encourage each of you to be on the webcast, to get your teams on the webcast, to get prospects on the webcast.  I can promise you that Lennon will deliver really good content and will do a really well done business presentation.  If you have prospects on the call, they will for sure be ready to sign up!


I hope to see all of you on the session today evening.

Blake Schroeder,
Kannaway CEO

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