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Corp Connect Replay - March 15, 2021

Mar 15, 2021 Corp Connect Replay - March 15, 2021

Did you miss the live broadcast of today’s Corp Connect? No problem! You can now catch up and hear about the latest Kannaway announcements and opportunities by watching the replay.

Corp Connect is a call broadcasted once a month from the Kannaway website in which Blake Schroeder, Kannaway CEO, Stephen Jones, Kannaway President, and oftentimes special guests walk you through all the latest exciting developments at Kannaway. Kannaway executives discuss recognition, new opportunities, new tools to help your business grow, and much more!

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to put aside all other activities for a short period and completely immerse yourself in why you’re a part of Kannaway in the first place. By bringing together a community of other entrepreneurs, all dedicated to bettering the world through cannabis, these monthly live calls allow you to refocus on your goals and recommit to your future.

On today's Corp Connect, Stephen Jones, Kannaway President, and Justin Stephens, Senior Director of Business Operations, led us through all of the big announcements.

Watch the replay below! The call officially kicks off at around the 2:20 mark.

Highlights of the broadcast include: 

  • Updates on our international markets
  • Updates on 3D Secure Verification in Europe and how to fix the issue with your credit card, if you're impacted
  • Spring Focus Tour: Find out where we're headed over the next month. Get more details here.
  • New Evolve 8-Week Challenge starts Monday, March 29th (plus a new Evolve promotion!). Get more details here.
  • Updates to our website's menu headings to improve clarity
  • Our ongoing effort to simplify our checkout flow
  • February 2021 Recognition
  • And much more!

Be sure to regularly check in to our News Feed to keep up with the latest Kannaway webinars, live events, business-building tools, CBD education, and more.

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