Congratulations to 1K Club Qualifiers for September 2020

Oct 7, 2020 Congratulations to 1K Club Qualifiers for September 2020

Our Kannaway team is constantly thinking of new strategies to help our dedicated community of Brand Ambassadors (BAs) succeed in Kannaway. From that effort stemmed our 1K Club initiative, which supports BAs as they implement the fundamental strategies that we’ve found associated with higher commissions and lasting growth.

The BAs who meet the requirements to qualify for 1K Club are laying the groundwork that leads to greater success. They also earn a $200 commission for the month and a 1K Club Badge applied to their back office!

Today, we’re happy to announce the long list of BAs from across the globe who met the requirements to qualify for the 1K Club in September! We’d like to be the first to congratulate the following BAs:

Randy & Samantha Schroeder - United States

Renita & Scott Brannan - United States

Valerie Aliosio & Andre Dery - United States

Lisa Pfannsmith - United States

Pam Kostelecky - United States

Shari McCants - United States

Connie Pickar - United States

Jacinta Engelhardt - United States

Dorte & Jim Moyles - United States

Franz &Hana Pollak - Austria

Fanis Khabibullin - Russia

Melissa Temple-Agosta - United States

Susan Guthrie - United States

Stacey Coler-Dark - United States

Judi Farr - United States

Jill Balzer - United States

Lisa Yost - United States

CBD of KC - United States

Eva Villalobos - United States

Sonja Gumhold - Austria

Rafal Lopatka - Poland

Tibor O'Dor & Kimberlee Sheppard - United States

Claire & Gilles Pelenc - United Kingdom

Melissa Temple-Agosta - United States

Aleece Occhino - United States

Gary Guthrie - United States

Christine Powers - United States

Jeff & Debbie Lessard - United States

Donna Ruff - United States

Jason Layman - United States

Margaret Sanders - United States

Raffelsberger Gertraud - Austria

Peter Staudinger - Austria

Wimmer Heide - Austria

Fa. Rudolf Korntheuer - Austria

Martin Richter - Austria

Elfriede Loher - Austria

Thomas Friese - Austria

Leila Kivisto - Finland

Ariane Evans - United Kingdom

Chelsea Newman - United States

Patti Dolan - United States

Jaime Sullivan - United States

Mike McCord & Liz Diehl - United States

Ashley Brossart - United States

Hiesmair Hubert - Austria

Marina Petersen-Albin - Germany

Palutschi - Germany

Dr. Fidler-Straka - Austria

Michael Koessner - Austria

Mike Schulze - Germany

Oliver Zimmerebner - Austria

Elfriede Dolzer - Austria

Evelyn Hoffmann - Austria

Angelika Schreiner - Austria

Dr. Muehlhausen - Germany

Ewa Wolska - Poland

Kristina & Andreas Grigat - Denmark

Jeff Donohue - United States

Meridith Coyle & Toni Fillipone - United States

Kellyann Roberts - United States

Billy & Sue Wilkinson - United States

Dana Neubert & Mary Sides - United States

Jill Cobb - United States

Nicholas Balfe - United States

James Donaldson - United States

Birgit Lutz - Germany

Brigitte Korinek - Austria

Michael Hackl - Austria

Karin Huber - Austria

Philipp Hreczuch - Germany

Danka Gasparova - Slovakia

Daniel Sikler - Hungary

Anette Andreasen - Denmark

Lene West - Denmark

Bruce Phillips - United States

Gary Easter - United Kingdom

Jennifer Fleischer - United States

Elizabeth Sparrow - United States

GT Richie - United States

Brad Tayles - United States

HEMP4HEALTH LLC - United States

Natalie Wayne - United States

Sherry Cummings - United States

Maria Veme - Slovakia

Irena Marszalek - Poland

Dagmar Frank - Germany

Gerhard Robineau - Austria

Louise Andreasen - Denmark

Anita Kragelund - Denmark

Leise Hestbaek - Denmark

Bente & Michael Groenlund - Denmark

Angela Miller - United States

Dan Marshall - United Kingdom

Matthew Fleischer - United States

CBD Results - United States

Becky Komant - United States

Birgit Viertlboeck - Germany

Doris Vock - Austria

Petronela Mikulakova - Slovakia

Per Rasmussen - Denmark

Lotte Baekgaard - Denmark

Marta Sjoqvist - Sweden

Per G Hoem - Sweden

Sarah Topham - United Kingdom

Michelle Renna - United States

Carol Hatton-Holmes - United States

Dolores Roman - United States

Jonna McCoy - United States

Tamara LaTorre - United States

Muna Elias - United States

Bepa Юрченко - Poland

Jeanette Lundgren - Sweden

Frank Giron - United States

Sheryl Yoshimura - United States

Julita & Edward Nix - United States

Vlasta Tobakova - Slovakia

Debbie Warren - Portugal

Goosse Yannick - France

Axel Samuel & Conny Gbr - Germany

Jessica Samuel - Germany

Waltraud RAng Imageberatung - Germany

Cheryl Caruso - United States

Barbara Knabl - Austria

Barabas Sandor - Romania

Markus Erbschwendtner - Austria

Ralf Huthmacher - Germany

Jim David - United States

Yvonne Buncio - United States

Christian Zapfel - Austria

Elzbieta Magnuszewska - Poland

Erika Deutschmann - Austria

Mick Webb - United Kingdom

Valerie Montblanc - Belgium

Viliam Majdlen - Slovakia


Meri-Jane Mikkola - Finland

Eva Tollonics - Hungary

Karoly Voros - Belgium

Trine Dyhre - Denmark

Annita Jensen - Denmark

Pia Plet - Denmark

Charles Hudnall - United States

Katrin Naujoks - Germany

Tamara Urbina Cortes - Austria

Eva Glonekova - Slovakia

Krystyna Serkiewicz - Poland

Andrea Riezler - Austria

Roosa Hannikainen - Finland

Pijakovics Edit - Hungary

Sophie De Henau - Belgium

Karen Agger - Denmark

Carina Brenoee - Denmark

Benjamin Nyoike Povlsen - Denmark

Anne Johanne Johnsen - Denmark

Erik Mabus - United States

Fiona Gordon - United Kingdom

Bonnie Lawson - United States

Liz Seaman - United States

Henry Schneider - Germany

Daniel Schafzahl - Austria

Daniel Mitter - Austria

Daurer Michael - Austria

Karl Wagner - Germany

Andrea Beke - Hungary

Laurent & Rachel Bertapelle - France

Ann Roth - United States

Tami Luddeke - United States

Manuela Schneider-Müller - Germany

Gabor Kati - Hungary

Andree Braye - France

Leo Bertapelle - France

Auli Ekman - Belgium

Decker Christine - France

Antje Hollstein - Germany

Birgit Seifert - Germany

Patricia Anton - France

Loizeau Christian - France

Susanna Magnusson - Sweden

Richter Petra - Germany

Agentur Rundherum - Germany

Meredith Buchwald - United States

Julie Aubier - France

Beate Koeth - Germany

Pain Nathalie - France

Maria sol - Switzerland

Glenn Skamsar - Norway

Aloysius Casanas - United States

Patricia Cuvelier - Belgium

Mikael Andersson - Sweden

Judith Talili - United States

Soledad Lee - United States

Tanguy Nicolas - Belgium

Gittemarija Loiborg - Denmark

Aloisia Gruber - Austria

Friederike Leitner - Austria

Oliver Andreasen - Denmark

Annmari Jensen - Denmark

Poul Jensen - Denmark

Personal Balancing - Germany

Peter Brudnak - Slovakia

Elin Svanemoos - Denmark

Lydia Eiglsperger - Germany

Renate Schink - Austria

Gary Robertson - United Kingdom

Heidi Munksgaard - Denmark

Lillian Hansen - Denmark

Laurence Lagathu - France

Inge-Marie Bertelsen - Denmark

Jørgen Deichgraeber - Denmark

Eva Pfisterer - Germany

David Harries - United Kingdom

Markus Durai - Austria

Renee Hall - United States

Karin Deichgraeber - Denmark

Carroll Patrizi - United States

Tracey Young - United States

Kelli Rodríguez - United States

Donna Kim Pridgen - United States

Maria Vinnemeier - Germany

Marisha Gulmann - Denmark

Ejnar Slot - Denmark

Deborah MacDonald - United States

Marcy Schacter - United States

Helle Wettergren - Denmark

Karina Madsen - Denmark

Lidija Geto - Germany

Emil Vest-Hansen - Denmark

Birthe Nissen - Denmark

Thierry Baud - France

Melissa Dempsey - United States

Christine Buscailhon - France

Heidemarie Ratzenböck - Austria

Angela Huber - Austria

Erling Tobiasen - Denmark

Franz Inreiter - Austria

Maksym Yaromenko - Poland

Guillaume Anne - Belgium

Simon Dredzen - United Kingdom

Karin Hillinger - Austria

Anja Schultes - Austria

Donna Martella - United States

Carolyn Connolly - United States

Lane Cunningham - United States

Elizabeth Knowles - United States

Claus Wolkerstorfer - Austria

NSE Holdings LLC - United States

Samuel Hurta - Slovakia

Martina FAithova - Slovakia

Marlene Mittermayr - Austria

Birgit Pfannhauser - Austria

Eva Krizaj - Austria

Debra Greenberg - United States

Pastora Balinas - United States

Werner Haider - Austria

Claus Elsborg - Denmark

Petra Himmelmaier - Austria

Alexandra Wennergren - Sweden

Margit & Peter Staudinger - Austria

Roland & Lisa Sonnleitner - Austria

Anita Koessner - Austria

Adelheid Matthys - Belgium

Sira Gronlund - Denmark

Veronika & Gabor Nemeth - Hungary

Hriszto Szimeonov - Hungary

Szilviva Vass - Hungary

Mary-Antoinet Pieterse - Netherlands

Jessica Hudnall - United States

Regina Baumann - Germany

Tanja Elomaa - Finlald

Andrew Moran - United States

Manuel Niederwieser - Austria

Don’t forget-- Kannaway BAs have the opportunity to qualify for the 1K Club every single month. Plus, with the 1K Club, you earn a $200 commission each month you qualify!

To support you and the members of your downline in qualifying for the 1K Club, we’ve made a variety of assets and tools that are designed to guide you available in your back office. Once you’re logged in to, from the top bar menu, select Business > Marketing Materials > Marketing Collateral > 1K Club.

Great work, Kannaway nation! We’re always here to support your business in Kannaway efforts in any way we can. Keep up with the latest at Kannaway, including upcoming events, webinar recaps, new products and services, and more by visiting our News Feed.

Note: The $200 commission payout is included in any MIG calculations for all ranks EXCEPT Executive Director. For Executive Directors only, the $200 will be paid on top of any MIG they are eligible for.

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