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Compliance Reminder #5 – Kannaway Brand & Logo

Mar 17, 2022 Compliance Reminder #5 – Kannaway Brand & Logo

  We value your continuous effort and commitment you put into building your business. It is thanks to you that Kannaway continues to grow. We want you to help us protect the business we have built together, and we can only do so by staying compliant with local & international regulations, as well as with the high internal standards we set for ourselves.


For those of you who might have missed some important guidelines, we all need to uphold, let us kindly remind you that they can be found in Frequently Asked QuestionsTerms & Conditions, Policy &Procedures as well as in the Marketing Do’sand Dont’s guide.


Today, let us bring your attention to the legitimate use of Kannaway logo, Kannaway-branded graphics and to protecting the brand we’ve built together.


As Kannaway Brand Ambassador, you are welcome to use all official, Kannaway-branded materials for marketing purposes. We encourage you to use your Replicated-Site as your default go-to site you share with your customers and prospects. Note that you can customize your own Replicate Site HERE.

If a Brand Ambassador desires to independently design a website that uses the names, logos, or product descriptions of Kannaway or otherwise promote (directly or indirectly) Kannaway products or the Kannaway opportunity, they must abide by the following:

a)  Independently designed websites, including all text, images, video, and amendments or changes to the website, must be approved by the Kannaway Compliance Team before publication;

b)  Edits to a Brand Ambassador’s independently designed website are subject to the same restrictions as are listed for the approval of a new independently designed website.

c)  Independently designed websites may not contain the trademark name “Kannaway” or other company trade names in any URL;

d)  Independently designed websites must comply with all Kannaway Compliance standards and guidelines;

e)  Independently designed websites must display “Independent Brand Ambassador” clearly at the top of the website page;

f)  Brand Ambassadors may not alter existing Kannaway materials for their independently designed website.

g)  Brand Ambassadors may not sell Kannaway products on their independently designed websites. All product sales and new Brand Ambassador enrolments must be directed to a Brand Ambassador’s Kannaway replicated website.

Finally, in addition to displaying the ‘Independent Brand Ambassador’ information, the websites and social media accounts designed or set up by Brand Ambassadors cannot use names or phrases suggesting they are official branches of the company, such as ‘Kannaway Austria’ or ‘Kannaway Budapest’– in short, Brand Ambassadors cannot use “Kannaway” in the title of the account, domain name, URL.


If you have any questions or doubts, or if you want to submit your independent website for verification, please contact our Compliance department under .


The above-mentioned guidelines also apply to any social media accounts you set up operating in an Independent Brand Ambassador capacity.


Let us also highlight the necessity of using the Kannaway-approved materials, incl. our logo, in their original, unaltered form. If you choose to use these materials to create your own graphics, i.e. social media shareables with Kannaway logo, please make sure they do not show any non-Kannaway products, nor suggest any medical use of our products. In any case, such materials should always be approved by Kannaway Compliance department before publishing. Note that Kannaway Compliance department can monitor Brand Ambassadors’ social media accounts or independent websites to ensure the compliant use of our brand.


Please be mindful that all above-mentioned rules and regulations have been put in place to protect our brand. By altering the pre-approved marketing materials in any way, Brand Ambassadors can not only effectively undermine the tremendous effort their fellow BAs have put into building the brand; they can also be violating EU and local copyright protection laws and regulations protecting the trademarks.


As a Brand Ambassador, it is your responsibility to help us to protect the brand by ensuring you operate your business adhering to the rules. Should you have any doubts on how to conduct your business in a compliant and efficient way, you can always rely on the official marketing resources provided by Kannaway, such as the Marketing Do’s and Dont’s guide and your Replicated Websites which you can access via your Back Office.


We hope that this short reminder will help you in maintaining the excellence of your work. Should you have any further doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact our offices, we are at your disposal.

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