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Compliance Corner

Apr 1, 2022 Compliance Corner

Compliance Reminder #2 - Repackaging



Dear Brand Ambassadors,


We value your continuous effort and commitment you put into building your business. It is thanks to you that Kannaway continues to grow. We want you to help us protect the business we have built together, and we can only do so by staying compliant with local & international regulations, as well as with the high internal standards we set for ourselves.


For those of you who might have missed some important guidelines, we all need to uphold, let us kindly remind you that they can be found in Terms & Conditions and Policy &Procedures as well as in the Marketing Do’sand Dont’s guide.


As it has been recently brought to our attention that some of the Brand Ambassadors might not be aware of the specific guidelines, here’s one important rule regarding retail sales we want to stress this week:


·         Kannaway products […] must be sold in the original, unopened packaging. Brand Ambassadors may not alter, repackage, re-label, affix additional labels of information or otherwise change any Company product, nor sell any such product under any other name. (see: section 6.2 of Kannaway Policies and Procedures as revised on March 4, 2019);


By altering the products in any way Brand Ambassadors are not only effectively undermining the tremendous effort their fellow BAs have put into building the brand; they can also be violating EU and local sanitary laws and regulations protecting the trademarks.


As a Brand Ambassador, it is your responsibility to help us to protect the brand by ensuring you operate your business adhering to the rules. Should you have any doubts on how to conduct your business in a compliant and efficient way, you can always rely on the official marketing resources provided by Kannaway, such as the Marketing Do’s and Dont’s guide and your Replicated Websites which you can access via your Back Office.


We hope that this short reminder will help you in maintaining the excellence of your work. Should you have any further doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact our offices, we are at your disposal.

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