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Compliance Corner

Mar 8, 2022 Compliance Corner

As Kannaway continues to grow, we value your support to help us protect the business we have built together and to keep us all compliant with local & international regulations, as well as with the high internal standards we set for ourselves.


For those of you who might have missed some important guidelines we all need to uphold, let us kindly remind you that they can be found in Terms & Conditions and Policy &Procedures as well as in the Marketing Do’sand Dont’s guide.


One of the most important guidelines for our Entrepreneurs is the fundamental rule regarding making health and medical claims and this is our topic this week:


·         You may never ever talk about anything related to health and CBD to Customers. This is the case whether it is in written communications, on your personal social media accounts, and in any public or private arena in which you are representing the company.  (see: Chapter 2 of Marketing Do’s and Don’t’s Guide);

·         Ambassadors shall never state or imply that any of the Kannaway products (or the ingredients therein) can be used to treat, mitigate or cure diseases. (see: section 4.24.1 of Kannaway Policies and Procedures as revised on March 4, 2019);

The outright ban on making any medical and health claims whatsoever is our number one rule for a number of reasons. First off, regulatory bodies take unlicensed medical claims, health claims, and quasi-medical advice ​very​ seriously. So seriously in fact, that giving out medical or health-related advice could result in prison time as well as a monetary fine. But making unauthorised health claims is not only against the law, but it is also highly unethical, potentially dangerous, and absolutely against Kannaway policy.


As Kannaway products have a status of food or dietary and nutritional supplements, you can never, ever refer to them as to medicinal drugs, or even use terms as ‘dosage’, ‘patient’, or ‘cure’. For detailed guidelines on what you can and cannot say, and what selling points you can use instead, please see the Marketing Do’sand Dont’s guide.


As a Kannaway Entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to help us to protect the brand by ensuring you operate your business adhering to the rules. Should you have any doubts on how to conduct your business in a compliant and efficient way, you can always rely on the official marketing resources provided by Kannaway, such as the Marketing Do’s and Dont’s guide and your Replicated Websites which you can access via your Back Office.

We want to reiterate and strongly stress that the above-mentioned rules apply to ALL information shared by you whilst representing the company – including posts on private Social Media accounts and product testimonials of all sorts. In other words, no matter how much you believe our products helped you, as long as you are acting in the capacity of Kannaway Brand Ambassador, you cannot make any health claims whatsoever.

Should you have any further doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact our offices, we are at your disposal.

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