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Celebrating a decade of positive global change with a massive 4/20 promotion

Apr 20, 2022 Celebrating a decade of positive global change with a massive 4/20 promotion

We are thrilled today to commemorate and celebrate 10 YEARS since Kannaway became the first ever company in the world to launch commercial CBD products and sell across USA.


Kannaway CEO, Blake Schroeder said: “I couldn’t be prouder of the way Kannaway has continued to be pioneers in the CBD industry. We have many made huge strides, forging a pathway for others to follow through our innovative research, development and influence.”


During this past decade, Kannaway has continued to break down the barriers preventing people from accessing safe, reliable and beneficial cannabis. Kannaway has created a global pipeline to legally deliver cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabis Products, first in the US and internationally to over 40 countries.


Kannaway Key Milestones

2012     First to deliver CBD products commercially in US

  First to develop and distribute CBD chewing gum, and hold US patent

2013     First to develop strict quality standards for cannabis products including rigorous triple lab testing

2014     First company to license NIH government Patent “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”

2015     First to offer government subsidized botanical cannabis-based products to Brazil

2016     First to provide access to medical cannabis products to Paraguay

  First to bring medical cannabis CBD based products to Mexico

  First ever doctor-prescribed medical cannabis/CBD products to be introduced to Mexican markets

  Developed the first ever fully THC-Free version of botanical CBD

2017     First company to legally register a CBD-based nutritional supplement

2018     First direct selling company to offer CBD products in Europe

2019     First company to have products listed in the Prescribers Digital Reference (PDR)

  First company to address the United Nations and World Health Organization about CBD

2020     First direct selling company to offer cannabidiol (CBN) product

  First direct selling company to offer cannabigerol (CBG) product

2021     First direct selling company to offer a BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) certified CBD product


Blake continued, “The world has never seen a company as unique and refreshing as Kannaway, and we know that our Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind our success. Together with our Entrepreneurs, we are creating a culture that is truly enriching the lives of people around the world.”


To recognize and celebrate 10 years of ground-breaking progress, we’re offering 30% OFF for 24 Hours only! You’re not going to want to miss this deal, but hurry, because it won’t last long!




We want to take this opportunity to thank all our Entrepreneurs, customers and employees for all their dedication and commitment to the progress of the Hemp Revolution.


*The 30% OFF promotion runs from 20 April at 09:00 am CEST until 21 April at 08:59 am CEST. This promotion is available to all Kannaway Customers and Entrepreneurs, and for regular store orders only (SmartShip not included). The promotion is not available in Japan. Discount not available for Salve, Travel Salve, Pure Gold Gel Capsules, Vanilla Protein, Chocolate Protein, and all Cannabis Beauty Defined products, except in Hong Kong and Mexico. Discount is not available for bundles and packs across all markets. The BV of the promotional items will be reduced by 40%. The promotion is subject to change or amendment at any time.

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