Celebrating Excellence: Introducing Kannaway’s Team Elite

Feb 26, 2021 Celebrating Excellence: Introducing Kannaway’s Team Elite

At Kannaway our favorite part of the month is when we recognize our BA’s for their achievements. Being an integral part of the movement to positively change the world through hemp and cannabinoids is something you can be proud of.

There are a select number of leading Brand Ambassadors who set the bar by striving for exemplary consistency. For that reason, we’re excited to officially introduce Kannaway’s new Team Elite! This new recognition initiative commemorates Brand Ambassadors who have been able to achieve long-term success at Kannaway’s highest ranks.

Keep reading to learn about Team Elite and how you can achieve Team Elite recognition. You’ll also get to meet our inaugural Team Elite members!

What is Team Elite?

Team Elite is a new recognition initiative from Kannaway to applaud top Brand Ambassadors who go above and beyond to achieve long-term excellence. Those who earn the honor of becoming a part of Team Elite achieve a rank of Regional Director or higher, and maintain their highest achieved rank over time.

Achievement over the long haul is hard work, and those who earn a place on Team Elite have the self-discipline to stay focused on reaching their goals, the gumption to stick with a plan, and the tenacity to overcome obstacles to continuously reach heights of success.

Team Elite is a monthly initiative, and each month around the time of Recognition, we’ll update our Team Elite webpage with the newest Team Elite members! This Team Elite webpage is now LIVE, and is available by clicking below.

> Visit Team Elite Webpage <

Please note: You need to be logged in to Kannaway.com to view the page.

How Do You Achieve Team Elite Recognition?

In order to qualify for Team Elite and benefit from all the perks that come with being part of the team, Kannaway Brand Ambassadors must meet these two requirements:

  1. Achieve a rank of Regional Director or higher
  2. Maintain their highest achieved rank, for 9 out of 12 months.

Those who haven’t been with Kannaway for at least nine months can still become a part of Team Elite by maintaining their highest achieved rank 75% of the time in a 12-month rolling period.

Meet Our Inaugural Team Elite

We are proud to recognize our Team Elite qualifiers: Brand Ambassadors who have reached some of the highest ranks of Kannaway, and continue to reach these milestones with exemplary consistency. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our inaugural members of Team Elite!

  • Katarina Kamenar - Regional Director Elite - Slovenia
  • Randy & Samantha Schroeder - Crown Ambassador - United States
  • Renita & Scott Brannan - International Director - United States
  • Shizuko Watanabe - Regional Director Elite - Japan
  • Sumiko Yamaguchi - Regional Director Elite - Japan
  • Trine Dyhre - Regional Director Elite - Denmark

Congratulations to these wonderful leaders!

We love celebrating Brand Ambassadors who have been able to achieve long-term success in Kannaway, and you too have what it takes to be a member of Team Elite! Visit our News Feed for business-building resources, cannabinoid education, event recaps, and much more, to help you build a successful long-term business in Kannaway.

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