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Brian Higuera Takes the Lead of ECHO in New Role as President

Jan 5, 2021 Brian Higuera Takes the Lead of ECHO in New Role as President

We’re excited to share today that Brian Higuera has been appointed as the new President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of our partner non-profit organization, ECHO Connection.

ECHO is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting special needs families who are seeking the natural wellness benefits of cannabinoids. Largely through generous donations by the Kannaway community, ECHO has contributed cannabidiol (CBD) products to more than 150 families across the globe.

The entire team at Kannaway would like to thank Andrea Barnes, who did an incredible job in laying the organizational foundation for ECHO to change the lives of families around the world for years to come. Using her more than 30 years of experience leading local, national, and international causes, Andrea is a non-profit veteran who worked tirelessly to guide ECHO's growth, taking the charity from assisting a small handful of families to raising more than two million dollars to support more than 100 families across multiple countries each month.

Brian, known well among the Kannaway community, is a dedicated CBD advocate who has served on ECHO’s Board of Directors since it was founded in 2017. Brian is a devoted husband and father who years ago sought CBD for his special needs daughter, Sadie, to promote wellness and help support her quality of life. Since then, he has become committed to raising awareness of CBD.

“When I was asked to step into this new position I was honored and excited,” said Brian Higuera. “I took a look back on the last seven years of my daughter’s life and knew that the next chapter of my life is meant to be spent changing as many lives for the better as I can, just like ECHO has for my family, through the benefits of CBD. I will do everything I can to change one heart and one mind at a time so that cannabinoids will be researched, and eventually accepted, as the first line of treatment for many conditions. In accepting this new leadership role, I want to use my own experience to further the national conversation on CBD as a wellness product.”

Brian previously served on ECHO’s Board of Directors as Treasurer and Secretary. He attended numerous conventions and city council meetings to share his family’s story and advocate for CBD and cannabinoids.

In his new role as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Brian will oversee the organization of fundraisers, management of donation funds, and product delivery. He will also lead efforts to connect with new families in need and gain new ECHO supporters using social media and digital marketing.

Brian and his family’s story were recently highlighted in an ECHO Family Spotlight, an ongoing Kannaway campaign to bring a face to the many families whose lives are positively impacted by ECHO.

The generous Kannaway community has made supporting ECHO and its families seeking cannabinoids a core value through Click to Care donations, ECHO Commissions Donations, virtual 5Ks, and one-time donations through the ECHO website.

We look forward to continuing our close partnership with ECHO and seeing more family’s lives improved as it grows under Brian’s leadership! Keep up with ECHO and Kannaway updates by regularly visiting our News Feed.

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