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Brand New MIG Level

Sep 2, 2021 Brand New MIG Level

Kannaway’s compensation plan for Entrepreneurs is one of the most lucrative and rewarding in the network marketing industry, and now it is about to get even better with a brand Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) level!

As you continue to build your business and advance through the ranks of Kannaway, you become entitled to various MIG levels that can increase your compensation along the way and provide you with financial stability.

In recognition of the hard work you’ve put into developing your online businesses, and aware of the tumultuous times we are living through, we are introducing a brand-new MIG level!

Achieving financial stability becomes easier than ever:
Limited-time Promotion: 10k MIG
As you advance through the ranks, you now have a new Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) level that can increase your compensation along the way:

• Once they reach 10,000 BV in Elite Volume for the first time, Entrepreneurs will now earn a Minimum Income Guarantee of $1000! This brand-new level makes a perfect transition between the entry-level MIG for Executive Directors and solid payouts of Area-and-above Entrepreneurs!

All MIG qualification criteria apply to this new MIG level… with one exception: this new, temporary MIG level will pay out immediately on the next month after achieving them - we are waiving the 2-months rank retention requirement!

This new Minimum Income Guarantee level makes a lucrative stepping stone as you grow your business from rank to rank.

The promotion is available from September 1, 2021, in the United States and Japan only, and is subject to change or amendment at any time. Note: this MIG level is only available to Entrepreneurs who have rank-advanced to the required level for the first time; Entrepreneurs whose rank has dropped down will not be eligible.

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