Announcing New $99 Intro Value Pack

Jul 1, 2020 Announcing New $99 Intro Value Pack

Outside of producing the finest hemp CBD oil products in the world, Kannaway is dedicated to supporting our entrepreneurs as they work tirelessly to grow their own home-based business. That’s why we’re excited today to introduce our brand new $99 Intro Value Pack, an incredible opportunity for new Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BAs). 

Kannaway Value Packs are only available as a BA is joining Kannaway. They’re designed to provide new BAs with an opportunity to kick off their CBD business while familiarizing themselves with our product line.  

With a price of $99, our new Intro Value Pack offers over $20 in savings lowers the barrier to entry for those working to establish a successful business in Kannaway. Plus, the product selection in this new Intro Value Pack allows for new BAs to explore both the ingestible and topical benefits of Kannaway hemp CBD. 

This new $99 Intro Value Pack includes: 

  • (1) Pure Gold 250 mg
  • (1) Pure CBD 500 mg
  • (1) Salve

And like with ALL of our Value Packs, the $99 Intro Value Pack is FastStart eligible! Our FastStart program gives BAs the opportunity to earn triple Direct Sales Commissions (DSC’s) on Value Packs sold to personal enrollments. Becoming FastStart Qualified also brings the opportunity to earn other additional commissions with Kannaway. New BAs have a FastStart Qualification period of 30 days to be able to earn increased DSC on future Value Pack Sales.

Also, unique to the Intro Value Pack is that there is no BA Fee required at the point of sign up. When signing up with an Intro Value Pack, a new BAs account will operate as a regular account and you'll be able to enroll other people, sign up new customers, and earn commissions. Commissions earned will remain in your wallet and can be transferred once the BA Fee is paid. This deferred BA Fee removes obstacles for new Kannaway BAs.

Keep in mind that the Intro Value Pack is only available at the time of a new person joining Kannaway is placing their initial order. If you are ready to take a serious first step toward building a successful CBD business, this value pack is a perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door while getting acquainted with both ingestible and topical hemp CBD oil products and their benefits.

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