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7 Tips for Working From Home

Oct 18, 2021 7 Tips for Working From Home

When working from home its important to manage your wellbeing and productivity closely. We’ve put together some of top tips to help you maximize the benefits of homeworking.

1. Organise your workspace

You may be tempted to hop onto the sofa with your laptop, in front of the TV, but creating a dedicated workspace will help you focus and concentrate on your work priorities.  This will also help you to create boundaries and a healthy balance between your work and home life.

2. Prioritize the most important tasks

A good tip to managing your priorities, especially when you’re working on your own at home, is to write down ALL of your tasks. Now pick out the top 10 tasks that will help you achieve your objective (lead generation, social media schedule, calling customers etc). From that list, choose just ONE that you must achieve today.  This will take some discipline to stay focussed, but you’ll notice your productivity go through the roof and you’ll feel great knowing that you’ve had a productive day.

3. Manage your distractions

Your productivity also relies on your ability to manage the distractions around you. Put your phone onto silent while focusing on your priority tasks – it’s surprising just how many times we subconsciously look at our phones during the day.  The same goes for desktop apps like Whatsapp and Teams – its important to stay connected, but equally you are focussed on your achievement of tasks – so prioritize your responsibilities first!

4. Avoid isolating yourself

Managing your distractions does not mean ignoring everyone and everything else! Take a few moments during the day to drop a colleague a note to say hi, check your messages every couple of hours and plan into your day some time to support others.  

5. Celebrate your wins

You increased your leads, you signed up a new customer or smashed your revenue target – so celebrate! Take the time – make the time to share your news with your team, family or friends and enjoy your successes.  You may be on your own, but you’re not alone! Your good news could be just the thing to motivate someone else today!

6. Be good to yourself

Being organized and prioritizing your tasks will help remove a lot of stress from your day.  But for your wellbeing you need to ensure that you move. Get up every hour, take a walk about, stretch – go into the kitchen for a change of scenery and grab a glass of water, or take a few minutes in the garden to rest your eyes.  Listen to your body and be kind to it!

7. Stay up to date 

Tune in to a podcast, sign up to a webinar and check out announcements from your company. Keep informed about what’s going on around you, this will help you with staying connected and not left feeling ‘out of the loop’ - take control. 

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