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5 Useful Things to Learn From Cannabis Fitness Revealed That Could Change Your Life

Oct 8, 2020 5 Useful Things to Learn From Cannabis Fitness Revealed That Could Change Your Life

The Kannaway Cannabis Fitness Revealed Pre-Launch Event kicks off tomorrow, October the 9th at 10 AM PDT, and we absolutely cannot wait to share with you all of the beneficial knowledge that we’ve uncovered in the months preparing for our all new Evolve product bundle and fitness program.

This upcoming three-part pre-launch event with Kannaway Fitness & Nutrition Expert Dan Miller is designed for anyone who is interested in optimizing their fitness. Dan is America’s most in-demand certified nutrition coach and he develops health and wellness programs for everyone from Fortune 500 executives to professional fighters.

Are you looking to lose weight? Get stronger? Have more energy? With no strings attached, Dan’s going to teach you the key principles that have helped so many people in the two early rounds of Evolve get amazing results.

If you’ve tried and failed to get in shape before, this event is especially for you. The concepts you’ll learn throughout the Cannabis Fitness Revealed event can help your goal, in whatever you have in mind for your health and fitness.

Here are the top 5 useful concepts you’ll learn from Cannabis Fitness Revealed that have the potential to transform your life:

1. Why It’s So Difficult to Get In Shape and Stay Fit In Today’s World

If you’ve felt like it’s been an uphill climb when it comes to fitness, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone who sets out to achieve a health and fitness goal simply doesn’t. Why? In Cannabis Fitness Revealed, Dan Miller will teach you why not being able to get in shape is actually a new problem for people, and how society makes it hard to stay fit.

2. How to Spot and Avoid Fitness Programs That Don’t Work

There are countless fitness programs out there, and nearly all of them fall short in helping you change your health long term. If you haven’t found something that’s worked for you, keep in mind that it’s really not your fault. Dan will detail what’s missing from most fitness programs, and explain why they are not compatible with your evolutionary nature.

3. What to Do Instead of Unsustainable, Bootcamp-Style Workouts

High-intensity bootcamp-style burpees and sprints aren’t necessary for getting in shape. In fact, if these high-intensity workouts push you too far beyond your limits, they may even be counterproductive. Dan will talk you through why, while also teaching you what types of movement will not only help you reach your goal, but are sustainable for long term health benefits.

4. How and Why CBD Can Positively Impact Your Fitness

What does cannabis have to do with fitness? At the Cannabis Fitness Revealed event, Dan will teach you how CBD, an incredible compound abundant in hemp, can play an important role in your health and wellness journey by promoting healthy functioning of your body’s major regulatory network.

5. How to Overcome the Temptations That Make So Many People Quit Their Fitness Programs

We’ve all tried and failed to implement healthy habits. It can be challenging to execute a health and fitness plan consistently, but Dan offers important tips that will drastically increase the likelihood that you’ll stick with your plan and get the results you hope for.

Join us on Friday, October 9th at 10 am PDT as the entire Kannaway community comes together for Part 1 of the Cannabis Fitness Revealed Pre-Launch Event! Watch, invite others, and chat directly with Dan Miller and Kannaway team members.

You'll be able to join in on the Cannabis Fitness Revealed Pre-Launch Event right here on the Kannaway website. We look forward to connecting with you on Friday!

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