10 Reasons Why You Should Like ECHO on Facebook

Aug 22, 2019

Philanthropy has always been an integral part of Kannaway’s mission. That’s why we’re proud to continue expanding our partnership with ECHO Connection.

A non-profit charity, ECHO is dedicated to supporting more than 100 families seeking cannabinoids through a comprehensive approach rooted in the tenets of Education, Collaboration, and Hope.

With the various misconceptions that still surround CBD and hemp, ECHO is committed to spreading awareness and making sure you have access to their extensive library of clinical studies, as well as their network of CBD-friendly physicians. While it was hard to limit our list to just 10, we managed to compile the top reasons to follow ECHO on Facebook.

1.      Both Kannaway and ECHO share a common goal of propelling CBD into the mainstream.

2.      ECHO publishes blog posts each week promoting the various benefits of CBD and hemp oil.

3.      ECHO links the most important medical studies and scientific research on Facebook.

4.      ECHO keeps you up-to-date on state, national, and international cannabinoid legislation.

5.      ECHO keeps you informed on the impact CBD is having on the health and wellness world.

6.      ECHO shares inspirational stories of families they support.

7.      ECHO is your number one resource for trusted, unbiased CBD information.

8.      Over one million people have visited ECHO’s website to access information on CBD and hemp.

9.      As Kannaway business owners, it’s important to support and promote ECHO’s success

10.   ECHO is breaking barriers to accessing CBD worldwide


To learn more about ECHO Connection, be sure to visit and like ECHO’s Facebook Page.

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