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Valerie Aloisio

After a successful corporate career, Valerie joined the network marketing industry 18 years ago and has been a full time professional ever since. She is one of the top female leaders in the industry and is passionate about mentoring and coaching others to success. She is often a guest speaker at industry and networking events and is a contributing author for several publications.

She has now attained the prestigious rank of Crown Ambassador Elite and sits on the company’s Advisory Council. Her motto is to Educate, Embrace and Empower individuals to both physical and financial well-being through the timely launch of a new and powerful industry; and is extremely excited about creating a legacy company here at Kannaway.

We had the chance to chat with Valerie to learn more about the journey that brought her to Kannaway, the steps necessary to reach Crown Ambassador Elite, and how Kannaway has changed her life.

What does this achievement mean to you personally?

When I entered into the network marketing industry 18 years ago to provide more work/life balance for me and my family, I saw that the top leaders in the industry had a major positive impact on so many people. They were creating more than a business… they were creating a legacy, and I wanted to do the same. I vowed that I would learn all the skill sets necessary to achieve the top rank of a company because that meant I, too, would have impacted so many people’s lives for the better. It also would validate the career decision I made to become an entrepreneur all those years ago.

This achievement is also about teamwork. I’m very proud of the accomplishments of my team members. It’s only through their dedication and commitment to our company’s mission and vision that I was able to achieve this rank. It gives me great joy to experience their successes, both physically and financially.

What did it take to reach Crown Ambassador Elite?

A mentor of mine said “Make a Decision, Tell the World, then Figure it Out”. I began my Kannaway journey with the end in mind. This would take commitment, perseverance and faith. The day I enrolled I set a goal to reach the very top level of our company within three years. By doing so, I would affect tens of thousands of lives for the better and that would only be the beginning. I told everyone in my circle what I was going to do, and then I had to figure it out. In those early days there wasn’t the system and tools we have today, so we created them and forged ahead, helping others one at a time. I committed to daily activity sharing the CBD/Hemp and Kannaway story and didn’t waiver from my declared decision, no matter the challenges of an early stage company. Amazing, competent and caring people joined Kannaway both at corporate and in the field. Our legacy company was formed with a culture second to none.

How has Kannaway affected your life for the better?

The Kannaway experience (the products and the people) has changed my life forever. It has provided me a platform to create a legacy that will be passed on for generations to come. It has given me the opportunity to bring back a vital plant with such value and educate the masses about holistic and complementary approaches to healthcare which has always been a passion of mine. My family and I use all the products and we’re all experiencing the benefits of adding CBD to our daily regime. The business has provided me the income necessary to get out of debt, build sound investment platforms, support ECHO and other charities and to help others in financial need and that feels awesome. It also gives me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the last 18 years and mentor others to success. I am so very grateful for this opportunity and embrace the responsibility to pay it forward and help as many people as possible.

What advice do you have for your downlines and others working their Kannaway business?

Make a decision! Take a leap of faith and know that you know you’re in the right place at the right time. Have confidence in our brand, our products, our industry, our corporate and field leadership.

Commit to daily income producing activity. Follow the system. Be coachable. Spend time on personal development. Become a student of both the network marketing and cannabis industries. Be a responsible sponsor and don’t be afraid to make a proper recommendation to help people launch their businesses or use our incredible products.

Attend as many of our corporate events as possible and make the commitment to be at our national convention. This will build belief as well as build relationships with your colleagues and corporate team.

Protect the culture of our company. “One of cooperation, integrity and inclusion, of ‘one’ Kannaway family all striving together for the greater good – helping others physically with our incredible products and financially with our business model.”

Educate everyone! Embrace this special time – the end of the prohibition of cannabis! Empower others to be the best that they can be! Have fun and Be Loud and Proud!

Jeff and Debbie Lessard

We both grew up in Massachusetts and now reside in Peoria, Arizona. We are both full time with Kannaway and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this incredible company!

Originally, we were very opposed to the cannabis concept until experiencing the product when Brad Tayles (President, of Kannaway) shared them with our family. This made us find Kannaway to be a worthwhile idea, thru educating others we would bring value to our community and beyond.

Seeing other people WIN and playing a small part by serving them in their journey is awesome! We are always in student mode from others that have had success. We control the content (information) that goes into our brain, surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals who are positive and want to win at life is the biggest factor of success in our opinions.

Since joining Kannaway we have found our passion and it is an amazing time to go educate the world about this amazing plant called hemp. Our entire family is feeding their endocannabinoid system with the Kannaway line of products and we are all sharing this discovery with others. From an opportunity standpoint, we are the category creator in the Hemp/CBD space. To be compensated for helping others with their health is an awesome feeling!

Next goals for us is to get better every day #wtd (win the day) and attain Double Crown Ambassador by continuing to educate the world of hemp, also to inspire others that we have so much untapped potential as human beings. If anyone can so can you.... much love Debbie & Jeff!

Randy & Samantha Schroeder

Born in a middle class farming community in the mountain west, Randy learned early in life the values of work and entrepreneurship.

At 10 years of age, Randy was informed by his father that if he wanted to have the then fashionable bell bottom jeans, or have a ski pass, or go to the movies, these would all be dependent upon Randy’s ability to afford them with personal earnings.

Farm labor produces only minimum wages (Randy began working in the Idaho potato harvest with long hours of physically demanding labor in third grade). Randy learned almost immediately that entrepreneurship can be the answer. By age 11, Randy was a Watkins distributor, an Amway IBO, a representative of American Greeting Card Company and the American Seed Company.

Students at a local college made braided leather chokers and bracelets in shop classes. These were added to Randy’s brief case, along with decorative Avon bottle decanters which Randy gathered by knocking on doors and asking for them.

Every family within a 20 mile radius (all covered by bicycle…even in bitter cold mountain winters) became familiar with this phrase: “Hi, I am Randy Schroeder. I have a fine selection of everything, would you like to buy anything?” Many did.

Financial success, while never easy and always as result of relentless drive and a passion to succeed, came early to Randy. Though born in humble beginnings, Randy owned two airplanes by the time he reached 21 years of age…and owned over 100 franchised weight loss centers by the time he was 24 years old.

Randy’s interest in financial instruments led him to enter the financial services field. Among the trainings most loved by his audiences are his empowering and revealing discussions describing how to identify and overcome avoidance behaviors. Estas lecciones se basan en la formación que Randy recibió mientras trabajaba como corredor de bolsa en Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner & Smith.

The intrigue of time leverage, the fond reflections Randy had of his earliest experiences with Watkins Products (selling their spices and extracts), and his memories of explaining to people (at the ripe old age of 12) how to “make water wetter” with an Amway product called SA8, led Randy to explore anew the network marketing industry in 1990.

In the ensuing years, Randy Schroeder has become among the most successful and highly regarded figures in the direct selling industry. His career has taken him to virtually every corner of the world. The depth and breadth of his experiences are beyond compare.

Randy Schroeder has earned in excess of $1,000,000 in commissions for each of the past 24 years. Certainly this level of success and consistency is rare indeed. Randy has reached the pinnacle of success on both sides of the desk.

To equate Randy with business is to miss the essence of the person. Ask anyone who knows Randy what is most important to him; they all know. Randy’s first and foremost priority is the success of his relationships and responsibilities as a husband, father, and grandparent.

Randy believes that we are all spiritual beings, here sojourning upon earth in physical bodies. Randy is a devout Catholic, and holds strongly the view that each of us should choose our own version of spirituality, but all should, in fact, choose a version.

Recently Randy was asked to cite a favorite quote. His response was from Augustin of Hippo: “God made man for himself, and man will be restless until he rests in God.”


Dana Neubert & Mary Sides

It’s been just a couple of months now that we’ve been involved in our Kannaway business. We have an amazing opportunity to help change the quality of peoples’ lives in a positive way every day now. It is such an awesome feeling to be partnered with such amazing people and products! We use the Oils as a part of our daily routine now. We know it’s helping us and know this is something that is good for everyone. The Kannaway Corporate Team is awesome too. Lots of training tools, support, videos and so much more on the way!

Our business is growing, thriving and flourishing. Not because we are some big networkers!! No!! It’s because we are passionate about what we are doing, and when you can allow people to experience a product and feel the results for themselves, it just makes sense. The product is the big deal here. So thank you Kannaway for all that you do day in and day out to make this available for everyone to have and to share so easily!!

Melissa Temple-Agosta

Melissa Temple-Agosta did not start her Network Marketing career the traditional way after being an executive in the corporate world for over 20 years.   She enrolled as a Brand Ambassador with Kannaway 2 years ago after having a profound product experience herself after some life-changing injuries.  She started sharing her experiences with others in a blog and eventually, joined Kannaway corporate as a guest blogger.  This turned into a year at the corporate office helping with operations, support and human resources, leveraging her former expertise at L'Oreal in international sales and education.

Melissa has always taken pride in helping others discover the benefits of Kannaway products and educating them to help others.  To her, it doesn't matter whose team someone is on or where they are positioned in the company.  She is open to helping cross- line partners succeed and in turn, helping Kannaway succeed, because it benefits us all!  We are a force to be reckoned with and the power we have to change lives is getting stronger every day, so she feels it is a key time at the company to experience this with more and more people around the world.

GT Richie

After 30+ years in and out of  the direct sales industry, I have finally found my home.  Kannaway is my dream come true.  To be associated with such true professionals, in an industry that is going to grow beyond comprehension, is a blessing beyond words.  While the financial benefits have been life changing, the effects of the products on people's lives is what has made the journey worth while.  I will not stop sharing the good news of modern day prohibition until we are all Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

Damien Callais

From the beginning I know something was really special about Kannaway. Initially I was excited about the timing and opportunity but it has taken on some much more meaning now. Seeing firsthand the impact we are making in the world is now what excites me most. The phone calls I get from customers and BA's just to say thanks are the best.

I really enjoy getting in the trenches with my team. There isn't a such thing as a bad team only bad leadership. So one thing I have committed to is not being a leader that tells people what to do but someone that shows them what to do.

I am really excited about the future ahead of us. Every dollar of revenue represents a live that has been impacted. So I don't take this lightly. My prediction is that Kannaway will be one of the biggest companies our industry has ever seen and we will do it on the back of the product!! Product is KING here!

Nicole Neubert

Wow what an incredible journey so far! My names Nicole Neubert, YES Dana Neubert's daughter! I started the oils a couple weeks after my Mom. She had been told about these oils and did a ton of research. If my own mother trusted in the oils I knew this was something to give a second look. Little did I know my whole life would be turned upside down.

With in the first 90 days of ingesting the oils, I lost 27lbs, and all pain had seem to be gone. That wasn’t the most amazing part though; my view of the world was transformed! It was though I had been trapped into negative thoughts. I started to realize how incredible life and people truly are. This life is about experiences and more importantly, it’s about helping others.

Kannway has given us the opportunity to transform lives. Every morning there’s a new text with an incredible testimony.

I am so honored to be apart of this movement! Thank you Kannaway for this incredible opportunity.


Bill & Susan Wilkinson

And the Hemp Coach continues to roll on, from city to city and from state to state and now we are enjoying our newly acquired associates in Europe.

Susan and I started this Journey in our coach on April 15th, 2017. We made this decision after personally having a Kannaway product experience that was nothing less than transforming. Apparent to not only myself, but to others in my life circle. The quality of life I experienced was limited after quite a period of having the wind knocked out me, preventing me from a full day’s ability to enjoy what was once a normal routine of activities. To make say that it has been a journey, would be an understatement. It has been nothing less than a positive quality of life experience. The personal quality of life change has given me a reason to share this product with all we meet.

While we are appreciative of the recognition of climbing the ranks of Kannaway, that seems to be less and less the reason, becoming another of the many byproducts we enjoy. Our commitment to sharing this product with others we meet has turned into our mission. The people that we have met and the people we have yet to meet, seems to have become the highlight in our commitment.

Our commitment to share this product, is to convey a message of participating in your own quality of life health decisions. We truly believe we are making a difference and creating a positive change in the lives of the people we meet.

While the company produces the finest hemp oil products in the world for the human body, to include the other products offered that are earth friendly, is the reason we are number one in the industry. It is a cannot be matched complete commitment to the Brand Ambassadors of Kannaway, from the leadership and vision, starting with the CEO on down to the Customer Service Reps. Their commitment to the betterment and future of a higher quality of life for all, has made our decision to make this our full-time journey, one that is worthwhile and has a sense of purpose that is life rewarding.

While we have enjoyed many accomplishments in our life together, Sue and I are fortunate to have a team that simply will not quit. A team that continues to grow and educate others, sharing a quality of life message of that is theirs for the taking. Without their commitment to share the Kannaway message with others, we would be merely a single voice.

Sue and I will always remain thankful to Brad Tayles for taking the time to reach out to both Sue and with a message about recapturing my quality of life. To Jeff and Debbie Lessard for the time spent conveying their beliefs. Without recognizing their importance to our current accomplishments and quality of life improvement would not be telling the underlying story. The opportunity was and shall remain a tremendous byproduct of that initial phone call. One that we are and shall always be grateful and thankful for.

Building a Hempire, hope to see you on the road soon.

Karen Lucas

It all started when I had been following Damien Callias because of the flood in Baton Rouge & some of our great friends had just moved there & we couldn't reach them. Damien had started the Cajun Navy, the civilian rescue effort rescuing people from flooded homes, cars & business throughout the area.

Fast forward five months later & I saw him post about this miracle CBD salve & I knew I had to try it, because I suffer from systemic lupus & rheumatoid arthritis. It's been a long battle of taking weekly chemotherapy injections along with humira or enbrel, very strong drugs that made me very sick. The salve was a life saver! Two little sample salves & I knew this company was on to something! I could actually get out of bed in the morning & not be in pain, all because of this miracle salve! So I called Damien & told him I wanted it all! I could hardly wait until my box arrived & I will never forget it! It was a Thursday at 3:00pm when it came to my door & I wasted no time ripping open that box & took my Revive AM oil & was blown away! Fifteen minutes later I felt clarity in my mind & energy restored along with a dramatic decrease in pain in my joints. I knew then that Kannaway had a phenomenal product to represent & my mission was to share CBD with everyone I met! I watched Randy Schroeder's videos & I decided to double his goal of always speaking to 3 new people a day, to 6 & on most days during my first 3 months, I spoke to 10 or more a day. Before I knew it, I had earned a cruise for both my husband & I, several large bonuses & I ranked up to Regional Director. All this in less 2 months! And to be the free living my life as God intended me to.

I am so proud to represent Kannaway & to know we have the best leaders in the industry backing us every step of the way. Dr. Titus & his knowledge coupled with the leadership & program set before us makes Kannaway the leader in the CBD world. I'm so thankful I am part of this amazing movement!


CannaGroup LTD

Eight years ago, Juraj Mojzis was working at IT Slovak Telekom in Slovakia, repaying a car loan and living paycheck-to-paycheck. He was introduced to the idea of direct sales during this personally difficult financial struggle.“I was particularly interested in the possibility of making the same amount of money I would make in a month within a single week,” Juraj Says. At first Juraj was satisfied with the possibilities of exploring a new world of business, new possibilities and skills that would help him grow. But as time went on, Juraj began to see the importance of personal growth, being interested in the product and liking the company he worked for.

“The desire to make money by helping people was stronger and stronger,” he says. “I decided to quit the job I didn’t enjoy and where I worked for somebody else’s dreams. I put trust in my dream, work and direct selling.”

For two years he searched for a company that would help him achieve his professional and personal goals. Then he found Kannaway. More accurately, Kannaway found him.

“Respectively, Kannaway did find me. I had always on my mind what points are important for me and Kannaway answered all of my points and questions,” he says. As the Crown Ambassador for Kannaway, Juraj is passionate about his work and the products he sells.

“This is a unique product. Everyone needs it,” Juraj says. “Everyday I get calls from people [about] how great our products are and they tell me their experiences with the products.”

Juraj wants brand ambassadors from all over the world to feel included in the Kannaway family. He also wants to educate them on direct selling techniques and Kannaway’s company rules. He wants to make sure make everyone understands the compensation plan, the products and effective business-building strategies. From that desire came daily webinar trainings in different languages.

After eight years in the direct selling industry, Juraj is grateful that he took the chance to follow his passion for helping others while making enough money to get him out of his difficult financial state.

“I found out that having money is a good thing, but helping lots of people who love you and work with you is a wonderful feeling,” Juraj says. “But the most important thing — and the greatest reward — is who we become while making our dreams come true. I believe that’s the greatest gift of direct selling.”

Grazyna Lopatka

Tibor O'dor

Since 2006 I’ve been in love with hemp after learning about its many health benefits. To find out, through my friendship and respect for Alex Grapov, that I could use my love for Network Marketing and hemp in one company was one of the most exciting opportunities in my career.

I see Kannaway as a billion-dollar company and I feel it’s a blessing and honor to be part of its pioneer stage. What makes me most happy is my team is constantly growing and I strongly believe that they can reach the top!

Kimberlee Sheppard

Please pinch me! This is what I keep saying when we achieve the next level of rank. We cannot be more thrilled to see so many of our team members thriving and growing great global businesses. Now, after hearing all the testimonies coming in, I am not only convinced we have a life changing product but deeply passionate to reach millions and create the global hemp movement with Kannaway.

My name is Grażyna Łopatka and although by profession I am a rehabilitator - chiropractic, for over 30 years, I work in the Multi Level Marketing Companies.

At first, I treated MLM as an extra job, but soon I found out that this way of earning suits me very well and I quickly succeeded in companies to which I was invited.

Now I know that to achieve success, three conditions must be met: perseverance, conscientiousness and regularity.

I once realized and accepted that the only person I can thank or whom I can blame for my situation, is me, no one else, because my decisions, my actions have led me to where I am now. 

Beate Emmer

For the last 30 years I’ve been self-employed. After our catering business went under in 2011, my husband and I decided to be serious network marketers full-time.

We quickly realized it was the only way to get our life back on track. One year later we worked full-time in network marketing. At the beginning everything was new and ran really good. But in 2017 we had a falling out with our partners and began having thoughts about quitting the network marketing business. We said to ourselves „we will never work in network marketing again“, we had lost hope in the business.

Our son however, who studied biology, made us aware of Kannaway and the exciting topic of cannabis. „Should we sell marijuana now? Is that even legal?“ I’ve never had anything to do with the cannabis industry before. When we looked more closely to the possibilities of cannabis we realized what opportunities are standing at our door. The time was perfect. This idea had depth. The development possibilities really drove us towards the opportunity. A new hope appeared and we wanted to do it together with all our power. Finally we saw the light in the end of a long tunnel again…

A few days after we decided to join Kannaway came another stroke of fate.

Suddenly, in a completely unexplicable way, my beloved husband and faithful friend passed away.

„Should I give up now? Would he have wanted that? NO.“

For a long moment my world seend to have collapsed. I felt empty and out of sense. I had no more goals which would motivate me. Thanks to the Kannaway products, the support of my children, my upline and last but not least my new team partners I found the way back to life very fast. Today I can say that I am very grateful for the opportunity

I started to fight and to immerse myself in the new task. This was what drove me on the road to success. After a short time everything turned into a right direction and the success confirms day by day, that my decisions to keep fighting and never give up were right.

Today I can help thousands of people by impacting their lives with our products and to help them live their life to the fullest. That is what connects me to Kannaway.

Andrew Moran

I want to share my story to the world as one of triumph and inspiration! In high school I was ask what career do I want in life, I said I wanted to become a Entrepreneur! Later on, in my senior year of high school, I was directed to read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and it changed my life!

After high school I was able to get a scholarship to go to college, and then kept reading business and self-help literature. Brian Tracy’s book, Maximum Achievement, Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and a wide variety of other personal growth books became his specialty!! And began to see that the suffering that people had been through could be overcome and turned to a positive through the power of positive thinking!!

I was in search of the American dream and  started joining multilevel marketing companies! I lost faith in 2 of the immediately and when I found one company and did well with, it collapsed just as I and my wife Sonia were expecting our first child.

We did not give up, but they did lose faith in MLM. Going deep into debt. So I went into Real Estate and become the Top Earner in the company within short period of time and become the youngest millionaire at 24!!! Life was great for years and beautiful Family, beautiful home!! Life was incredible great and until the big Real Estate crash! Going from incredible amount of income to being incredible broke! It was during this time, I remembered a meeting I once had at a Network Marketing! If I was to start all over again, it would a MLM! So that's what I did and was in search for a right company align with!

I believe everything we experience happens for a reason: Good or bad, the detours actually help to re-route us to reach our final destination. My passion has always been helping others and sharing our story.

Just like you, the leaders Kannaway were once in searching for the perfect opportunity to achieve those freedoms, which I believe we found it!! Now our mission is to share this Amazing CBD Movement! It’s time for us ALL to be fully educated and empowered on the CBD Movement! It’s time for us to unite and work together to change the public’s perception about this sacred plant that has been used for 5,000+ years!!! Join The Hempire!

There's More to The Story, and It's Just the Beginning!! Koach Andrew


Nicolas Bibas

I was born in Thessaloniki Greece from parents that was both in sales industry.

With this kind of heritage i was forced if i may use the term to participate in the wonderful world of Direct Sales.

My career in sales starts at 19 years old as first salesman in Greece at life insurance companies and continues like that ,

for the next 7 years in the row.

Awarded in many marketing magazines and awarder from Harvard university as one of the top 10 financial advisors in europe at 22 years old.

Start working in Network Marketing industry at 27 with big success.(i suposse) as I create teams of 9.500 people and 7000 in my previous two companies in more than 64 countries.

Numbers like 2.500.000 usd was coming from my team per year as at the same time my country was facing the biggest economic crises after the second world war and with a bank blocking system(we wasn't allowed to use our c.c)...yes you really can do miracles if you believe in yourself.

My aim was,is and always will be to help people understand that we have a better way...not easier but truly better..

Being a Kannaway Pioneer member is something that i feel amazingly Grateful and Proud for.

I truly believe that we are the company with A purpose and we helping humanity to pass in a helhtier era.

Kannaway its not just products and money,its much more for me.

Its a huge global movement, of people that they are willing to help others and at the same time they will change their lives as well throw this action in all aspects.

My favorite motto is stolen from the gospel of Tomas when Jesus Christ said to him by pointing a mountain,

that "when you will make your thought and your emotion as one then you will be able to say to the mountain move and the mountain will be moved."

BElieve in YOUrself...BE YOU!!!

I am going to the TOP nommater what and this is a Promise

Sincerely Yours, Nicolas Bibas


Kristina Grigat

I grew up in a small town in Denmark on the South Zealand called Vordingborg. I went through primary school and did my upper secondary school there as well. After that, I started my hairdresser/stylist education, but after years of struggling with human hair allergy, I decided to end my career. That’s when I started my job as a mentor for young people with Down’s Syndrome, which has more or less been my occupation since the last many years. This job has helped me develop as a human being, and my professional life grew a lot by working with these handicapped people every day. I felt blessed and grateful for being a part of their life and wellbeing. I'm still working at this private facility with young people with Down's, and I don't think I ever can stop doing this. It has been a part of my life for so many years, and working with these young people gives me so much back.

I have been married to Andreas for 22 years, and together we have our daughter Leonora, and her and our son-in-law have enriched our lives with a beautiful granddaughter Nova. Nova is my world and my ‘’why’’ in this life, and she gives me the love, energy, and drive to follow my path and to move on every day and do things with passion. We live close to each other in a little village called Kalvehave, not far from where I grew up. It's fantastic to be such a big part of her life and to be close to my family.

A very close friend of mine had me realize what this whole Direct Selling and Network Marketing industry was all about when I joined an earlier company 5 years ago. Later, we followed our corporation into a new company. That’s when it got crazy, and I started to realize the explosion and volume and not at least opportunity with this industry. I built a strong organization and got myself a huge network and friends along with this business. My self-development really was at its highest and the movement of this whole journey was amazing. After some good years with this company, I did learn a lot about people and people’s intentions with me. I was in a struggling place in my life around 6 month back and I went to my upline, sponsor, and of course my friend, and we talked for several weeks. Suddenly, he had me say yes to go to a meeting with our now current upline in Copenhagen at the Hilton hotel. After the meeting, I was not doubting this at all. It was a perfect time for me with the shift and fresh start in the industry and also along with passion for my plant based lifestyle. Well long story short, everything just made sense, and now I am just grateful that I had made this decision.

My favorite thing about working in this industry is the opportunity it gives me to reach the freedom I want in life. Every day I hear new stories from customers and business partners: stories that touch my heart and make me believe even more in our amazing products, company plan, and not at least our amazing team and organization we’ve built. I know that with this company and this great organization I will reach my goals in life and be independent.

When I nailed it the first time in this industry with my former company, I realized how important it is to be yourself and listen to yourself. Along my journey, I’ve met great coaches and people who have worked this industry for several years, and they have also gave me a lot knowledge and shared their wisdom and experience with me. However, at the end, we all have different ways to treat our business. We all have different views on the industry on how to, what to and where to, but I will always be myself, because that’s what people know, and always I will follow my good feeling in all of my decisions and moves.

I joined this company February 2018, and since then, it has just been mind-blowing growth with this team. I’ve found my spirit again and the right thing to believe in. This is where I want to be and live out my energy, along with my development and plant-based lifestyle. My life has definitely changed, and I have once again found my path. Besides the greatest support from all of my family, I can now work with peace in my soul, knowing that everything I do is one step closer to freedom for me and my beloving family.

My goals with this industry is to build a solid, strong, and most of all honest business globally together with my amazing team. My goal is to create a fundamentally strong team where everybody gets success and to spread shining eyes over the people I can help, thanks to Kannaway, the greatest direct selling company on earth. Talking about ranking, my next goal is National Director Elite.

Craig Jensen

I was born and raised in a small town near Bismarck N.D. and have always lived an entrepreneurial lifestyle. When I was only 15, I started working for a family owned construction company. Early on, I learned that, to be successful in anything in life, we need to work smart, become passionate, and keep a positive attitude even in the midst of trials. At age 18, I became the Superintendent of the company and learned a lot about leadership, responsibility and good work ethics. One day, I met someone that shared with me the power of duplication with direct selling, and how you can own your own business and help others along the way. I was so impressed with the Idea that I could become successful by helping others achieve their goals and dreams that I always remembered what I had learned years before. After years of owning my own painting company, roll-off company, transport company, and real estate company, I soon realized that it is a 24/7 commitment. You don't own the company (THE COMPANY OWNS YOU). After researching natural alternatives to prescription meds I was taking and desperate for answers, I began to research the cbd industry because I kept hearing about it's incredible health benefits. After nonstop research and many late nights looking for answers, I ran across Kannaway about 3 years ago and was so impressed with the company and quality of products that I made a trip to the corporate office in San Diego, CA. That trip to the corporate office and meeting Dr. Titus, Brad Tayles, and Blake Schroeder totally changed my life. I believe God has a way of molding our future by shifting us into our destiny (if we allow him to!!) That's when the lights turned on and I realized, perfect products, perfect leadership, perfect timing!!! (This is a perfect storm so to speak). I made a decision that day to rethink my future plans, and It has been the best decision of my life. To have true financial success is not only having big bank accounts, but also the time and freedom to do what you want when you want. I believe this is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that is already revolutionizing this country and has just begun!!! I am so grateful for all the leadership, professionalism and teamwork that has changed my life and the lives of so many others. If there is one thing to remember in life, it would be to never, ever give up on going after your dreams! I thank God he has positioned me at this season in my life to be a vessel for those in need of health and financial blessings!!! I believe we have a moral obligation to educate as many people as we can so they also can live a lifestyle many only dream of!!!

Eva Fazakas

Eva Fazakas is doctor and a natural therapist who is trying to combine the traditional and natural therapies. She is specialized in Sport medicine. She works with acupuncture, bioresonance, phytotherapy, energetic treatments, motion therapy, and sound therapy. For her, it is important, if a disease develops, to first try to cure it with softer methods. She believes that a sick person needs to be checked fully, so she takes into consideration the physical, mental and emotional aspects in contrast with modern medicine where they cannot pay enough attention of all these. She really believes in the power of nature – that plants can help a lot in everything. As a mother of 3, she better understands the parents' problems and concerns.

Eva joined Kannaway in January after Lajos Farkas invited her to register. She was able to use the wave that the company and the upline offered and called her contacts to join her at the events. She was very lucky because her three friends who she invited for the first big event, registered after, and immediately started working with her.

She says her downline is fantastic. They work with such incredible enthusiasm and dedication.

There are many Regional and Area Directors in her team, which makes her incredibly happy. Kannaway has reached many many countries through her team members.

She is very grateful for all the support she gets from her upline: Alex, Randy, Juraj, Tibor, Csaba, Lajos, who are such a huge contribution to the whole of her network. Despite facing some difficulties, the management is constantly looking for solutions to make their work much easier. She said that there has already been a huge development we could be part of. She truly believes that with the products, we make a huge difference in so many people's lives. And the best part is just coming!!!

Nedeljko Gustin

I believe my profession was founded in my youth. As a very calm person, I was not really inspired by the education systems. Meeting challenges and seeing the fruit of my work already motivated me. Whether I was in sports or in art, I always was willing to do my best. My apprenticeship as a merchant didn't satisfy me, though.

My openness towards people has given me the chance to start a great career, which is commonly reserved for academic graduates. In this time, I learned the most important lesson: "Everything is possible, if you want it. It doesn't matter which conditions you have had.“

Even though I reached the top of my career, I joined a network marketing company. Despite many positive experiences, I took the next step and started to educate young people. I especially was looking for people who were able to believe in themselves and had visions - young people who were willing to fight for their goals even though they didn’t get a fair chance in our education system.

In parallel, I was searching for an opportunity in the sales business and then built up a distribution company. After a few years, I was forced by decisions of the major company to shut down all of my locations. Motivated through these challenges, I was searching for a new way to go. Ups and down weren't excluded. Inspired by my really good experiences in my first networking company, I questioned myself which part I hadn't figured out. Starting up new, I did the pioneering work for a company with many good visions. After a while, a lot of these visions were given up, so the team had no chance of gaining success and money. I finished my engagement.

Two years later, I ventured to start with a new company. The people of this firm were motivated through facts rather than visions, and I really could identify myself with their products and their ethical principles. But soon it became obvious that these principles were more hype than progress, and the marketing plan showed no chance for newer members and would not have an opportunity to earn much money. Also the leaders were faced with huge challenges: they weren't able to solve in an efficient way. My hands were tied, so I backed out once again.

I decided to go back as a consultant in the telecommunications industry. By accident, I learned of Kannaway through Alex Grapov. Like many people, I didn't know much about cannabis. To me, it was a drug. The difference was that I eagerly wanted to know why Alex decided to join this particular company. It took just a few days of personal researching to find out what was so inspiring and fascinating regarding Kannaway. For the first time as a networker, I was faced with a company that was more like a familiar movement heading off to change the lives of many people in a wonderful way. After I talked with Randy Schroeder, I knew it was time to redefine networking and to get rid of the old fashioned structures.

In the beginning I worked part time and incognito and built up to National Director in June of 2018. At the end of August of 2018, I was completely able to quit my job as a consultant. A decision I owed to my growing team. I love helping my partners build up their business, by training and supporting them. It's a privilege because of the great idea of Kannaway, which motivates the company and combines all the people who are living and working towards a big goal.

With Kannaway, my profession turned into a vacation. I am inspired through the positive changes in my team. Many partners have already reached a new quality of their lives through the products and through the financial income Kannaway offers.

The testimonies that reach me daily are more valuable than all the money in the world.

My team is more important to me than my own results because the team is the result. I believe that the energy I invest in my team comes back to me. I have gained friends for life that have given me confidence and can be sure of my trust.

I've started to live my dreams. Kannaway has changed my life, and I'm really proud that my children aren't just my motivation but my companions. 

Mathias Audell Ringblom and René Ritto

In spring of 2016, our paths were crossed for the first time. The business of Network Marketing brought us together, and we both felt that we had found our better half, in both business and friendship. With a total of 50 year’s experience combined in the business, we both decided to go into network marketing full time together when we found Kannaway.

It was a natural step in our careers since we had just released our book, “Yes please!”. Yes please! is a guide for anyone who wants to succeed in network marketing, and we duplicate it in our team. It is built around a concept and strategy which we have found to be highly successful and useful in anyone´s Kannaway business.

Mathias: I am 46 years old; I am Swedish and live on a farm just outside of Stockholm with my wife Charlott, and our two boys, Edvin and Melker, born in 2006 and 2009. I am an entrepreneur, and I have started several different businesses over the years, both traditional and in network marketing. Since we started in Kannaway in October 2018, I am full time and fully focused on the hemp industry.

René: I am 48 years old; I am Danish and raised in Aarhus, which I personally think is the best city in the world. I am married to Heidi. We signed the marriage treaty on July 12, 1997, we have two wonderful children together. Oliver was born back on September 3, 1996, and Ann Sofie was born on November 30, 1997 - as you can see, they are grown-ups now, but in my heart, they will always be my kids. I have been an entrepreneur and self-governing almost all my life. Since 1989 I have been self-employed and earned my own money. Throughout the 30 years, I've always had something to do with sales.

One day in September 2018 René called Mathias and asked what he knew about cannabis. That´s when it all started. Thorough studies of the products, the industry, Kannaway, the compensation plan, MJNA and the people behind it all, was initialized.

October 13, 2018, we registered as Brand Ambassadors and started working. It took us 6 months to reach National Director Elite, and these 6 months feels like 6 years. In a positive way. We have never had so many meetings, we have never seen so many new leaders being born, we have never seen a system being more duplicated than the one we are working with, and we have never seen a more potent product line than Kannaways. 18 Area Directors and 3 Regional Director Elite in the team after 6 months says it all.

Our goal is to help our team reach their goals. We want to help them reach the next rank, help them fulfill their dreams, and grow the team to become a big community of friends and family. We believe it is important to lead with example, and we will continue sponsoring new people ourselves.

The lifestyle that comes with being in network marketing full time is what drives us. Do the work once and get paid repeatedly. Residual income. Help others do the same. Do the travelling and make new memories while making a difference in people´s life´s, both financially and health wise.

Hope to see you in the future!

All the best,

Mathias and René – Team Yes Please

Roland & Lisa Sonnleitner

Were both born to working-class families but soon realized that an employee´s life was not what we desired. We currently live in a small village with 2500 inhabitants in upper Austria.

Roland is a professional Online Seller and helps other entrepreneurs to build and develop an online customer base. Lisa is currently studying law at a local university.

We heard about Kannaway for the first time from Franz Pollak in January 2018. He told us a lot about CBD and its opportunities, but I was not interested because I did not know the real power of the products. Many calls with Franz later we ordered a starter pack as customer because we were rather skeptical. Between January and March 2018 we and our families tested the products and experienced unbelievable results with those incredible products. We also started an online sales funnel at that time and the amount of people looking for CBD was amazing. This resulted in an incredible business plan that allows new people to earn fast money. With this, belief in the products and in Kannaway we started to tell the world about these amazing products in the middle of March.

A lot of you reading this being in this industry before Kannaway. In my former Company people start in my business because of me and not because of the products. This is a big difference! The business is growing faster than ever, if the people have success with the products, they share their story with other people. We are a part of the Cannabis movement. It is much easier to duplicate this in your team, then the opportunity. I love to teach people the different between Marijuana and CBD.

My key to success in this industry can be summarized in 3 steps:

1.  Use the Products

2.  Share the Products

3.  Make an invitation

It is easier than ever to share this message with the world because more people than ever are interested in Cannabis and CBD products.

Kannaway changed the lives of all the people in our team. A lot of us now earn more than $2,500 a month. There is a global opportunity for everyone and it is just the beginning. I love to see people improve their life financially as well as their health.

Our next goal is to expand our team to 100 people who earn more than $2,500 a month each.

Margit & Peter Staudinger

We live in Austria in a community in the beautiful Salzkammergut between Linz and Salzburg. We have three adult children. Our life was filled for many many years to care for our relatives - my father died because of ALS in the year 1994 - the parents of Peter were ill for many years - my brother had special needs because on his birth he had an oxygen deficiency and I still care for my 90-year-old mother.

I found CBD - by Franz Pollak and I had the opportunity to realize myself in this fantastic company and I see the possibility to open the eyes of many other people to CBD products. Our opinion is to carry the information into the world - I am grateful to be able to inspire so many people in such a short time and at the same time to offer a new way to become healthy or to maintain health for many people. Also, Kannaway is an opportunity to achieve a very different financial perspective.

GIVE AND TAKE - a natural law.

I can very well arrange Kannaway with the obligations to care for my mother - it is an activity that fulfills me. With all my strength I pass this fulfillment on to my entire team - success comes with the team and it is not a single match but real teamwork and identification with the products of Kannaway that is the key to success. My goal is to bring each member of my team as far as he wants - my support is certain - the goal must be placed by everyone himself and everyone can reach great things in life - everything is possible.

Wolfgang Umlauf & Marianne Wollinger

I was born in Vienna in the late fifties into very simple circumstances. After my technical education, I started my first own business in 1993. That year, my first daughter was born as well. In 2004, I met my partner Marianne who has been supporting me all these years. Today, we live in a small village near Vienna.

In 2009, I started in network marketing for the first time and gathered quite some experience in the nutrition supplements, cosmetics, travel, and high-tech industries.

In February 2018, I first heard about Kannaway through Franz Pollak. At that time, I wanted to change my field of business and was confined to stay in bed due to a small accident.  That was the motive to try the products and the immediate positive experience increased my enthusiasm. Yet, at that time, the business didn't interest me. But when I told people about my amazing results with the Kannaway products, I realized that the demand was obviously huge and so I started the business in March. Very quickly, I realized that rapid growth was only possible if I gave presentations myself. That's why I took every opportunity, wherever Franz gave a lecture, to be there to learn.

Due to my network marketing activities in the past, I was able to learn that several factors are needed to be successful. There is the daily routine, which determines your success or failure. These habits are like a muscle that you must train. The simple duplication is another success factor, because we have great people in our team who contribute according to their talents. The necessary empathy towards people and the development of trust, reliability, and the willingness to take responsibility are also cornerstones of success.

I love this industry because it gives us the freedom to devote more time to our little daughter and to be able to show her what it means to be self-determined. 

But I also love it because it makes it possible to meet new interesting and great people and to profit and learn from each other.

Kannaway has improved the lives of everyone in the team. Many of them are now earning more than $2,500 a month and we are just at the beginning. There is nothing better than to help people physically and financially. 

Our next goal is to keep our team growing steadily and support everyone to earn more than $2,500 a month to give them the dignity and lifestyle they all deserve. We also want to multiply the monthly ECHO donations.

Thank you, Franz, Juraj and Alex so much for your support and the whole Kannaway Corporate Team who made all this possible! Thanks to my team, which is the best you can have! See you at the top!

Renita & Scott Brannan

Renita is an entrepreneur, author, personal trainer, NBC health and nutrition expert. She has been a professional network marketer since 2007. While interviewing Renita she smiled and confidently said, “Saying yes to Kannaway has been the best business decision of my life! The timing of the end of the prohibition of Cannabis and Hemp-Derived CBD has changed everything! It's positively impacting the lives of all those who get involved and actively work as my teammates. It’s been the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Anyone can enroll others and grow a big business. My team is winning, and it’s been a blessing and honor to play a role in their success!”

“We believe God aligns our path. Understanding trends and timing in health, we know this is the opportunity of our lifetime on so many levels. From the shifting of our countries health and wellbeing to inevitable wealth creation. We are fully committed to moving the GREEN RUSH message. It’s attracting incredible people with a passion for freedom!"

Achieving the rank of International Director is a remarkable milestone. Renita was also awarded Kannaway’s “Top Enroller” in both 2018 and 2019. She achieved the highly coveted “Top Team Award” at the 2019 Kannaway Believe Conference. Renita led a workout for anyone wanting to donate $25 to Echo Connection and was recognized as one of the Top 3 Brand Ambassadors to raise money for Echo Connection families. Her explosive success has recently been highlighted in “Success from Home”. “The awards and recognition is really appreciated but ultimately each new rank occurs by simply helping others on our team reach their goals. We identify their next goal and strive to quickly achieve it as a team. It’s working and we’re just getting started!”

Renita’s initial awareness occurred because of a family health crisis. This led to extensive and relentless research by Renita and her husband Scott.

“We were on a quest to find the highest quality hemp-derived CBD available. Thankfully, we discovered Medical Marijuana Inc and its subsidiary Kannaway. The unmatched quality and legality was exactly what we were looking for. Immediately we realized the need for these products to be shared with the world. CBD and the endocannabinoid system is the BIGGEST health discovery of our lifetime. We learned that nearly everyone has a malnourished endocannabinoid system (even the healthiest among us).”
Renita loves relationship marketing/ direct sales. “It’s the business of the 21st century”! Friends do what friends do. We’re helping so many people and having an absolute blast! With social media, we have a global audience seeking solutions. People are constantly looking for ways to improve their health and create an additional source of income!”

Renita’s efforts as a Kannaway Brand Ambassador has been the most rewarding of her 22 years in network marketing. Kannaway is the premier cannabis company and CBD is the ultimate game changer! Everyone has this unique opportunity to become nourished by these products and it's creating undeniable health benefits. Simultaneously, CBD is a like a “warm blanket” for the nervous system while "turning on the lights" in our bodies by helping to restore homeostasis.”

Kannaway and its parent company Medical Marijuana Inc are the pioneers in non-psychoactive CBD. We are a company of "firsts". We were the very first to bring Cannibidiol from hemp to the United States from Europe. We were the first to triple lab test CBD to ensure quality and purity. Our sister company Kannalife Sciences was the first to receive licensing rights to United States Patent "507" to create products for people "post stroke" and "concussion". In addition, we have been featured on the Doctors, Dateline, History Channel, CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, USA Today, NBC, CBS, ABC and Direct Selling News. Our sister company Hemp Meds is already being used for the treatment of several diseases in 3 different countries from Alzheimer’s to pain management. Kannaway PURE GOLD is the first and only hemp-derived CBD product listed in the Physician’s Digital Reference (PDR), formerly known as the Physician’s Desk Reference. The United States Hemp Authority awarded Kannaway and our products of one of their very first 12 certification seals confirming the highest integrity of our line-up of products.

When asked what makes network marketing a special opportunity, Renita said, “The biggest thing is "life freedom”. We used to say “time freedom” but if you are truly building a HUGE business you understand it takes focused effort and time. We are committed to working smarter and harder. Once the business starts to duplicate, your time invested changes a little. You may spend more time with your leaders, training and mentoring others. One thing will never change for me. I love the thrill of attracting, recruiting and enrolling new high-quality leaders. I am always looking for new Kannaway Brand Ambassadors who are ready to experience "life freedom" with us.”
“Life freedom is choosing who I want to bring along on this adventure, when and where I spend my time. It's the freedom to choose how much time to invest and ultimately how much I want to earn. We get to choose!
What Characteristics Drive your Success?

“Loyalty, ethics, passion, consistency and an insatiable work ethic are the backbone of my business philosophy! Leading others with a commitment to excellence and relying on others who have complimenting strengths has been a key to success.”

How Important is a Duplicable Marketing System?

“We've found adhering to a system that is proven and predictable is the fuel to network marketing vehicle. However, in the wrong vehicle... there is no forward movement. In Kannaway, this system is creating results and we are moving at a rapid pace. It's worked so well, I've written a book titled, "My CBD Money Tree". We are excited about what we have our hands on. The media LOVES talking about cannabis. We have something everyone wants.”

“We invest time in daily income producing activities such as *making a list of people and reaching out to our contacts consistently. We keep it very simple and get really good at asking, “What have heard about the amazing health benefits of CBD?”, and "What have you heard about all the new wealth being created with CBD products?" We send links from our Kannaway professional replicated website. We send short compelling videos from the Kannaway Connect app directly from our smartphone. We mentor teammates on how to effectively apply and teach 10 steps to success found in their online Backoffice. We utilize social media and attract the world changers! We look for people who are dissatisfied with current life situation and READY for a positive change.

Target Market for Kannaway Products:

Anyone and everyone with an Endocannabinoid System. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system. We literally have products for EVERYONE including their dog and cat!

Target Market for Kannaway Opportunity:

Anyone who wants a fun adventure, ready to create incredible wealth and make a massive difference in the world!

Kannaway’s Compensation Plan is Different

It’s not just different it’s the very best. Kannaway offered us a unique and substantial opportunity. We said yes and it has shifted our wealth mindset. It's quickly become an incredible financial blessing for us and so many on our team. Kannaway’s compensation plan stands alone as the top network marketing opportunity. Our team enjoys multiple ways of creating wealth, from enrolling brand ambassadors on incredible product packages, earning an incredible check match on orders in their downline, to launching Business to Business models (which is like a legal CBD mini franchise where people can sell wholesale to retail). The front-end financial incentives like Kannaway's industry leading "Minimum Income Guarantee" has allowed us finally help people on our team to experience success quickly!

This opportunity is for anyone wanting to capture their share of this explosive business that is skyrocketing from $800 million in 2018 to $22 Billion+ in the next 3 years.

I am so thankful to have an amazing and supportive husband and family. We are so grateful to Kannaway and all its awesome Corp support team, Dr. Stuart Titus, Blake Schroeder, Brad Tayles, Randy and Samantha Schroeder, and Kannaway's incredible employees and customer service representatives. We are completely thankful beyond words to our phenomenal team of champions out making a difference every day!

Roger & Karen Boger

Dr. Roger & Karen Boger Dedicate Their Lives to Promoting Wellness

“Kannaway mirrors our life’s purpose to help others to be aware of what it takes to lead a longer, healthier life. This plant integrates physical and spiritual awareness.” ~ the Bogers

Our newest National Director Elites are Dr. Roger and Karen Boger. The Bogers have dedicated themselves to sharing the amazing wellness benefits of Kannaway products and the financial freedom offered by building a business of your own.

Kannaway has the Boger’s full attention as they focus on building a successful business. However, neither Roger or Karen are strangers to the health and wellness industry. They both have an extensive education in the medical field and experience in sharing this knowledge with others including in person, online, and through TV.

Along with his extensive medical experience, Dr. Boger is an internationally respected lecturer in Health and Wellness. He has spoken in Japan, Canada, France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia, and more.

Karen also shares her expertise with others. She loves coaching others in what she has become aware of in wealth and wellness.

The Bogers were introduced to the revamped Kannaway by Valerie Aloisio. Afterwards, the couple’s eyes were opened to the advantages of CBD by an amazing product experience with Kannaway’s most popular products.

This was followed by the opportunity to meet with members of Kannaway’s executive team, including CEO Blake Schroeder and President Brad Tayles, as well as Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Kannaway’s parent company.

After this meeting, the Bogers were confident that Kannaway was right for them. However, it was an event in Arizona where the couple were able to meet ECHO families and the good Kannaway was able to do by giving to the organization. This was more than the Bogers had expected. They were all in.

What is the Bogers favorite part of working in our industry? “Being part of this movement, helping people to discover and benefit from the truth about this plant that has been kept from the public here in the US for 75 years and participating in a conscious economy. We earn through servant leadership and helping others to do the same. We will continue to build belief in the company, products, and self. Words don’t teach, it is who you become in the doing.”

Between knowing the benefits of the hemp plant and the good that our company does for the community, the Bogers are proud to be a part of what we are accomplishing together, and this passion has helped lead to their accomplishment.

Kannaway had a chance to talk to the Bogers about their keys to success. Here are just a few of the things they had to say:

  • Stay focused
  • Speak from your heart
  • Plan your course
  • Don't let the negative energies that show up on occasion get you down
  • Stay in and don't quit
  • Study and do what other successful leaders do
  • Do what is appropriate for others
  • Stay in the “buying” not “selling” vibration

The Bogers urge that BAs “commit to 3-5 years (to Kannaway), knowing that at the end of that time, after putting in the work, it is possible to create unprecedented financial freedom and satisfaction.”

“Get your ‘ASK’ in gear,” they continue. “If you don’t ask the answer is always no. Set out with the intention to make friends and if they become business partners, great. Don’t be attached to other people choices. Never stop looking…”

Roger and Karen cherish the difference Kannaway has made in their lives due to the relationships they’ve created since joining.

For the Bogers, the joy of giving is unparalleled. “We know, because of past experiences, that we are on the ultimate road to freedom on all levels of the human experience. The journey is sweet both in learning and leading.”

After surpassing this milestone of National Director Elite, what does the future hold for the Bogers?

“We plan to continue to make a difference educating others on hemp, the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid research. On this path, we will become International Director Elite before the end of the year and ultimately reach Crown Ambassador by building this business organically.”

Lene West

I'm from Denmark – born in Svendborg in April of 1953. I have one son and a grandson.

I’m a hairdresser and started my own business in 1976 that built quickly to 12 employees and educated apprentices. I traveled a lot to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and America to educate myself, so I could go home and educate colleges with new styles. I attended many hair shows throughout Denmark. I’m always into a competition and did winning hair styling and cutting in Danish competitions. I was a member of the Danish Association of Hairdressers for many years.

In 2000, I was introduced to Network Marketing for the first time and worked with this great opportunity parallel to my hairdresser business. I was living a very busy life.

Nevertheless, I had a plan B for the future. I had the dream to go full time as a networker and sell the business! However, sometimes one gets a hint if you can’t make a decision! I couldn’t make my decision and broke my right arm December 2010.

I had three operations in 2 years and could never work as a hairdresser again. Finally, I sold my business in 2012 and went full time with my plan B. My dream came through - and I did a good job too in the new world.

My next dream for years was to live my life in Copenhagen – so I lived that out too in 2013. I still live there today. I did always say: I’ll not leave the earth without living out my dreams.

After a networker in the company I worked with was drafted to another company, one day I saw him standing in the middle of a hemp field. My first thought - did he lose his sharp mind! I saw it even more over time and learned he was going to Europe and meeting people I know! Then I realized this could be really interesting. Kannaway got my attention, so I looked it up - what an opportunity!

On February 16, 2018, I got a call from a really good friend a crossline with whom I did work very well within the same company as also those people I saw in the hemp fields. She was going for Kannaway - no doubt I wanted to go too. We joined on the same day! We saw the same things about Kannaway without saying anything to each other - really funny! I can say that Kannaway changed my life from day one!

I haven't been in a company with a heart like this before: a company that cares about their collaborators; a company that pays so well for what you are doing a really amazing compensations plan; a company with products that change people's lives!

I did well from day one - in just 5 weeks I reached Area Director. I hit Regional Elite in August and National Elite in just 8 month. My life is changed forever!

Age doesn’t count – only our mindset counts. If we want something with the heart - then go with it. The best decision ever in my life was to go full time in the fastest growing industry - the direct selling industry.

Thank you Kannaway for who you are and for all you are doing.
Thank you all my upline for whom you are and all your support.
Thank you all your wonderful people in my team.
Thank you so deeply much to a special person on the upper-rank.

For without all of you, we wouldn’t be here.
For without you, I couldn’t have done what I have done till now.

My wishes is to help many people to live a healthy life and live out their dreams with Kannaway in the back. Love you all!

I am grateful from my deepest heart.

Lene West

Csaba Dévényi

My name is Csaba Dévényi and I have been in network marketing for about 15 years. Healthy lifestyle, sport and healthy eating has been very important for me since I was very young. Everyone knows that the highest quality foods and food supplements are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. I have made many researches in this area, I had a goal, which was to find these high quality products for my family, for my friends and for myself. And I am very happy that this important goal of my life was fulfilled with Kannaway. 

My other goal was to work with a payout system that makes a difference in many people’s life with having a high monthly income. I feel truly lucky because through the company it has happened.

Why I work in network marketing? Because this industry provides me the free lifestyle which I always dreamt about. In January 2018, I was the first to join Kannaway after the invitation of my friend, Tibor Odor. The first month was extremely hard, I worked a lot, but it was worth as I became Area Director, and luckily more Leaders: Lajos and Endre joined the business immediately and we started building the network together. In the third month I became Regional Director Elite, and in the tenth month I became National Director Elite, first in Hungary. Kannaway is a real team work and I could never have this big success without my team, so I am very grateful for them! A big thank you for Everyone!

We are at the beginning of a long journey and I am already very thankful for the company. I am lucky as I was able to attend two really important events in Prague, which gave an incredible inspiration to my team and enormous energy and huge motivation for me. I am very glad that we can travel to amazing places with the company, my first Elite Retreat trip to Hawaii was wonderful, I will never forget it. Thanks to the Stock Incentive Program, just in 10 months I became a shareholder of Medical Mariujana Inc., I have never worked with such a generous company. One of the most beautiful gifts of my life was when I got my shares along with the products with my own name on them, I have never experienced such honour.

Thank you so much for Tibor Odor, Alex Grapov and Juraj Mojzis for so much of their help and support! Without them we could not be here where we are now, I can surely say this on behalf of the entire Hungarian Team! Thank you Kannaway!

Jill Levine

Jill grew up in Rockland County NY and now lives in Livingston, NJ. She works a full time career as a Sales Executive.

Her friend told her about the opportunity and she jumped in without asking any questions. She knew that CBD would be the most important holistic option for many.

Jill’s favorite thing about working in this industry is she loves hearing the testimonials from people who had nowhere to turn.

Jill’s advice about the business “Love what you sell and be confident. People want to buy from confident people.” The friendships she has made, are hands down, her favorite piece.

Jill’s next goals: Need to get to international and then we can talk!

Franz & Hanka Pollak

We currently live in Austria with our three boys in a small village surrounded by nature. We are both entrepreneurs in the health sector.

Our Kannaway journey began after a call with Juraj Mojzis. We understood the potential of CBD, so when we heard that Kannaway was launching in Europe, it became clear to us very quickly that we would bring our knowledge and strength to this new venture. We joined on 12/24/2017. We made ourselves a gift for our future! And it was the best decision!

Our favorite thing about working with Kannaway is helping people to help themselves. With us, the team is the star in our organization, and for the team, we do everything to ensure our common success! We have developed a special strategy where many of our partners can earn a full-time income in a short time only from a few month!

What is our key to success? To set big goals, be focused on reaching that goal, and working on your business daily.

How is our life different since joining Kannaway? We sleep less... No seriously, we love to see how our teammates evolve, how they get confidence in their own abilities, how to draw courage, strength, and hope, and how they develop step by step into leaders with ranks like Executive Director, Area Director, Regional Director, and higher. This gives us a good feeling at the end of the day that our decision has changed the lives of so many in a positive way for better health and a better future!

Our next goals include bringing a better quality of health and economic security to as many people as possible! We want a minimum of 100 Area Directors and above on our team in 2019 and go together with our team on the TOP!

Fanis & Albina Khabibullin

Fanis: I was born and grew up in Russia and lived for 29 years in the North, in Yakutia. There is a harsh climate in this region and cold down to -60 degrees. I always dreamed about warmth and summer all year round. When I learned about network marketing (10 years ago), I realized that living near the sea is real!!!

Albina: Yes! Today, our family lives 250 meters from the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, where there are 350 sunny days per year. And we feel happy every day, thanks to the Almighty Creator!

Fanis: Juraj Mojzis introduced us to Kannaway. We have been friends with him on Facebook for

a long time and often communicate and exchange experiences. I like to work with him. We have similar ambitions and temperament. My first reaction to Kannaway products was negative. Like all ordinary people, I thought it was related to narcotic substances. But when I studied the materials and learned that the truth about the benefits of cannabis was hidden from people for a long time, I decided to start a Kannaway business and talk about this opportunity to all the people around.

Albina: The MLM industry is our way of life. At the beginning of the journey in network marketing, none of our friends supported us and did not understand. But today people are happy for us. We love this lifestyle - freedom, travel, new acquaintances, constant growth and development.

Fanis: Yes! But we must understand that for success in the MLM business, permanence and perseverance is required. My first teacher in MLM always repeated: Need to work Fast, Hard and Right! To do this, we use the Internet Work System, in which each of our partners gets the opportunity to build their business effectively and efficiently.

Albina: Thanks to Kannaway, our life has become more gratifying. We have received a lot of new amazing knowledge in health and beauty. Life has become more interesting, we enjoy working with Kannaway because the company has an excellent compensation plan, which makes us happy every month with our bonuses.

Fanis: This is great! We have ambitious plans with our excellent youth team, which has purposeful guys who are ready to make a brilliant career. Together we can achieve a lot!!! Ahead is the way to Double Crown Ambassador Elite. I love and want to take life to the maximum!

We wish to every partner of Kannaway success, good luck and wish their dreams come true!