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From the invention of the wheel to the proliferation of the internet, being the first to innovate isn’t easy.

When we initially began distributing our cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil products both nationally and internationally via our network of Entrepreneurs, we were the only direct selling company doing so. This feat helped fuel the thriving market for CBD hemp oil products we see actively promoted throughout national media outlets today.

At Kannaway, we’re proud to add to this historic line of firsts, becoming the first-ever direct selling company to distribute CBD products in 2014.

Since then, we’ve continued to sharpen our knowledge and build a team of leaders who have helped catapult high-grade hemp oil and cannabis-focused products into the mainstream. Our ongoing promise to only use the top farms, the most effective techniques, the highest safety standards, and the best education materials, are the four key elements that make up our Soil to Sale™ pledge.


Every little thing impacts the way plants and food grow– from the climate to the altitude, from the heritage of the seed to the experience of the farmer who tends it, and so on. This is why our team searched high and low to find the right farm, one that could adequately source our ingredients and meet our standards.

Our search eventually led us to one of the world’s leading agricultural and horticultural giants — the Netherlands. There, we found a partner who not only shared our excitement for the potential of cannabis, but one who meticulously cared for his crops, regularly testing the ground and soil to cultivate the highest quality hemp for our customers, free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.


As vital as the origins of our ingredients are, they’re only the first step in our Soil to Sale™ commitment. Instead of using toxic materials like propane or butane, we went the natural route. Our SuperCritical CO2 fluid extraction process converts the hemp plant into usable biomass. From there, we start moving through the different refinement processes to prepare our base hemp oils. The first step involves as little refinement as possible, leaving the CBD hemp oil in its most unaltered form, while the final involves using a proprietary process to filter almost all the plant material and remove excess waxes.


With safety being our top priority, the quality assurance that begins in our fields is then certified in our science labs. The guidelines we created help ensure the safest, best quality products using the purest ingredients for our customers. This commitment follows through manufacturing where we follow strict GMP practices. We also developed a rigorous multi-tier lab testing process, or Triple Lab Testing™, to ensure it meets our Soil to Sale™ standards, which has become the standard for the entire industry.


Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end when our products are ready to sell. We believe we have a responsibility to help educate as many people as possible about the importance of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, and the vital role cannabis plays in our wellbeing.

This duty is why we support A non-profit charity, Por Grace, founded in 2016, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families by educating and supporting families around the world on the benefits of CBD.

Although we are the first, our mission to help make hemp one of the most abundant crops in the world is only just beginning.