Reclaim Your Rank Promotion: Boost Your Income and Level Up in 2024!

Jan 17, 2024

Attention Brand Ambassadors! Get ready to boost your income and rank with Kannaway's exciting Reclaim Your Rank Promotion! Elevate your rank, elevate your rewards!

Here's the deal: Until December 31st, 2024, you can reclaim any rank you achieved in the past and earn the Rank Advancement Commission again! Now all Rank Advancement Commissions (RAC) are paid out on top of the Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG), so this is guaranteed EXTRA CASH for claiming your rank back!

Fast-Pace Bonus: if you reclaim to Executive Director by 31 January 2024, you earn the full RAC of $250. Reclaim Area Director by 28 February 2024 and earn the full Area RAC of $1,250. And if you reclaim your Regional Director rank by 31 March 2024 you get the full Regional RAC of $2,500 – on top of your MIG payment! Fastrack your rank and boost your income!

New Ranks Bonuses: we’ll even reward you for achieving our new 10K Club, 30K Club, and 60K Club milestones as you work your way to previously earned ranks. Even though these are new ranks, you will still earn 50% of the RAC if you surpass them when reclaiming your old ranks. The full RAC amounts are $750 for 10K Club, $1,750 for 30K Club and $3,000 for 60K Club. Reach those volumes again and you earn 50% of that RAC. But remember if you hit these volumes for the first time ever, you earn the full amount – all on top of MIG!

Important note: Rank achieved must be higher than your highest Paid As Rank between October-December 2023. This is your “base” rank for this promotion. Any rank that you achieve higher than your base rank, will give you 50% of the RAC (“unlimited time” version) for ranks previously achieved, or even 100% (see Fast-Pace Bonus above).

Example: Your highest Paid As Rank, base rank for the promotion, in the period October – December 2023 was Executive Director. Your highest rank ever achieved was Regional Director. You hit Area Director in February and earn the Fast-Pace Bonus, so your RAC is $1,250 for reclaiming Area fast, paid on top of MIG! In May 2024 you reclaim your Regional Director rank, and earn 50% of the Regional RAC, another $1,250. But on your way to Regional you also passed the new 10K and 30K ranks, earning you another ($750+$1750)*50% = $1,250, for a total of $3,750 on top of all other bonuses!

Let’s also assume that you achieve 60K Club in June 2024. 60K Club is above Regional Director, your highest previous rank, so you would also earn 100% of the Rank Advancement Commission for 60K Club, or $3,000 extra RAC.

Don't miss out on this limited-time offer! It's your chance to build your business faster, reward your past efforts, and earn extra income while jumpstarting your 2024 goals. Take advantage of our Reclaim Your Rank Promotion and watch your Kannaway journey reach new heights!

Promotions are subject to change or amendment at any time. ReclaimYour Rank Promotion ends June 30th, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT.

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