Introducing the New & Improved Hemp+ Vape CBN Sleep for Europe!

May 23, 2024

Looking to catch some quality Zzz's? We're excited to launch our new Hemp+ Vape CBN Sleep in Europe! We've improved our vape with a tasty coconut flavor and a powerful sleep-promoting combo. It combines 100mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD for relaxation with 100mg of CBN, a natural sleep support. Now you can drift off peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed.

Why Sleep Matters: A good night's sleep is essential for your overall health. During deep sleep, your brain gets rid of toxins built up from the day. If this doesn't happen, these toxins can build up and affect your mood, memory, and even long-term health.

Nature's Sleep Support: CBN is a natural compound found in hemp and known as the "Sleepy Cannabinoid." It promotes restful sleep without any artificial chemicals. Studies at the Salk Institute suggest CBN may also offer brain-protective benefits.

Get Your Daily Dose, On-the-Go: Our convenient vape makes getting your CBD and CBN easy, wherever you are. Choose from our high-quality Kannaway CBD vapes: Active for an invigorating boost or Sleep for a restful night. Available as a single vape or multipack. Find the perfect fit for your needs! Ready to experience the power of a good night's sleep? Login, head to the SPECIALS category in the shop and order our new Hemp+ Vape CBN Sleep today!

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